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Active Canadian Clash Sound Systems:
*Last Updated October 1/2015
This Active Canadian Clash Sound Systems list is a comprehensive listing of Toronto’s (and Canada’s) Clash Sound Systems that are currently Active …meaning:

  1. The Sound still plays out and has competed in a Dub plate Sound Clash within the past 5 years
  2. The Sound is armed with a Dub box deep enough to be taken seriously
  3. The Sound is willing, ready and qualified to clash if called today
    1. Acid
    2. African Star
    3. Bassline
    4. Bodyrock
    5. Brimstone Gold
    6. Blaxz Dun Da Place
    7. Cumtraxx
    8. Diplomat
    9. Don Rankin
    10. Extacy
    11. Firestone
    12. Ghetto Khan
    13. Ghetto Star
    14. Gunz N Rozez
    15. Kartella
    16. Katt Attack
    17. King Agony
    18. King Agression
    19. Killer Assassin
    20. King Klepto
    21. King Stryda
    22. Klymaxx
    23. King Attarney
    24. King Turbo
    25. Lion Heart
    26. Lexus Supreme*
    27. LP Int.*
    28. Majestic Vybz
    29. Mello Vibes
    30. Mystic
    31. Noble Works
    32. Outcast
    33. Rebel Tone
    34. Rootsman
    35. Royalty
    36. Rude Boy
    37. Silver Bullet
    38. Silver Mic
    39. Sniper
    40. Soul Survival
    41. Step-A-Choice
    42. Studio Mixx
    43. Super Fresh
    44. Supertone
    45. Starkade
    46. Super Force
    47. Tempo
    48. Turbosonic
    49. Twinn Starr
    50. Vertex
    51. V.I.P

    *There will be some names missing from this list, but we are ready to update this Page on a regular basis. So…if you are a Toronto or Canadian CLASH Sound (s’okay to Juggle as well, but Clashing and Dub Plate collecting must also be something your Sound specializes in ) and you believe you should be added to this list because you ARE clash-ready, please email, and tell me about your Sound. You can do the same even if you are not a member of the Sound.