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Congratulations to Ghetto Khan, winners of the Bodybag Soundclash held at SVG Lounge (1230 Sheppard Ave. W., Toronto) last Saturday April 9th featuring winners Ghetto Khan vs Studio Mixx Sound vs King Agony.  Ghetto Khan not only won the event, they also won every single round, and only had to participate in the chune-fi-chune because of the event’s point/scoring system where Ghetto Khan needed 10 points total in order to win (they had earned 6 points/2 points were awarded for each of 3 winning rounds) and could only earn these additional 4 points by participating in the chune-fi-chune. This of course, would be good for the fans, but a possible nightmare for Ghetto Khan, should they suffer a T.K.O and flop in this final saga after already winning every Round in the clash.  Fortunately for Ghetto Khan and the promoters, this saga would not play out, and Ghetto Khan dominated in the chune-fi-chune Round just as they had done in the clash’s first 3 rounds, dominating their competition with what can only be described as an “easy walkover”.

For those who missed this event by all reports it was fairly enjoyable throughout the night, the Mello Vibes street team had done a decent job creating vibes leading up to an event featuring 3 “C-level” Sounds that are not presently in their prime, or who have gotten old and forgotten about.  The order of Sounds for the night (determine by coin flips) was Studio Mixx first (Tony Killa), followed by Ghetto Khan (MC Shortman and Remedy) and then King Agony (Captain Richie and Warrior).

Studio Mixx, the favorites to win Bodybag according the Facebook polls, played conservatively in their 1st Round, as well as King Agony (with Warrior on stage in wheelchair and all!). King Agony suffered a worse fate than Studio Mixx, penalized 1 point in this Round after playing back a Capleton chune (now sitting them at minus 1 points!). Ghetto Khan on the other hand, played accordingly to what the people wanted when going up to bat; it was pure war from Ghetto Khan who flattened the place with crazy vibes that marked the real ‘start’ of the clash!

Interesting to note; Ghetto Khan went up against Studio Mixx in the chune-fi-chune despite the fact that the crowd, by applause and a show of hands, had voted King Agony in.  The consensus was that a Jane & Finch Sound should rep in the chune-fi-chune, they wanted to give the exit to Studio Mixx because they were Bramtonians, but King Agony’s points leading up to this point was a minus one. It was a good thing to see the promoter, with help from the MC (Crazy Bones from Cummtraxx Sound), step in and enforce his rules during this critical time. It would be Ghetto Khan vs Studio Mixx in the final chune-fi-chune, not Ghetto Khan vs King Agony.  So rare in the T-Dot – the bias thing not working; Ghetto Khan would win the tune-fi-tune with their 1st four selections earning them the 4 additional points the needed to be declared victor with the slated 10 point total!

Bodybag 2016 seemed like an enjoyable event though Lisa West and myself did not arrive inside SVG Lounge until the clash had reached it’s chune-fi-chune section because we had gone to the Opera House to check Luciano earlier that same night.  Big up all the clash heads who came out (there was about 100 people in attendance – unofficially), big up Swan Entertainment for the promotions, and big up Crazy Bones who was very energetic and entertaining emceeing his very first clash.  Big ups also go to All Star Promo for the clash video (link provided below), and Steppa Choice for the Audio (not yet available at this time). And last but not least, let’s big up the runner up Sounds, Studio Mixx and King Agony, because they showed up to compete which takes guts! Unfortunately, either of these Sounds were were ample competition for the big bad Ghetto Khan Sound on the night!!
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Pics courtesy of Ron Nelson and Lisa West | RM copywrite 2016

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