Active Canadian Reggae-Dancehall Juggling Sounds & DJ’s 2016-04-27T09:41:35+00:00

Active Canadian Reggae-Dancehall Juggling Sounds & DJ’s:

  1. Acid
  2. Bigga Boss
  3. Black Magic
  4. Black Reaction
  5. Blax Dun Place
  6. Boodoo
  7. Brimstone Gold
  8. Capone
  9. Chippy Military
  10. D.O.C
  11. Fatkat Ent.
  12. Fire Kid Steenie
  13. Firesquad
  14. Flatline
  15. Gideon
  16. Gunz n’ Rozez
  17. Heavy Metal
  18. Ill Kidz
  19. Infamous
  20. John J
  21. Journey
  22. Judgement Day
  23. King Sharp To The World
  24. King Turbo
  25. King Vower
  26. Lindo P.
  27. Magnum Force
  28. Military
  29. Mon A Galis
  30. Outcast
  31. Renegade Squad
  32. Soul Vibes
  33. Spex
  34. Starting From Scratch
  35. Street Team
  36. Supa Loaded
  37. Tyrone
  38. Whitebwoy
  39. Xtra Stock
  40. Zee

*Pree our List of Active Canadian Reggae-Dancehall Juggling Sounds & DJ’s. There are many (yes – many!) names missing from this list.  Please send me an email ( with your missing links – any of the top professional Toronto juggling REGGAE Sounds and DJ’s from Toronto and Canada (or an email stating why you think a certain Sound or DJ does NOT belong on this list).  It’s okay for these DJs to earn a living playing other kinds of music to please the crowd, but when it comes to the Reggae and Dancehall, you must be a Reggae Juggling specialist, preferably with some experience playing inside any of Toronto’s nightclubs and dance halls on a regular or occasional basis.  A Sound appearing on this list can also appear on other lists as some of our top Clash Sounds on occasion can also be great Jugglers!  In the next phase, will rate all these DJ’s according to the following criteria:

  • Name/Age/Birthplace
  • DJ’s Rated According To:
  • Mixing Ability
  • MC Skills
  • Juggling Ability
  • Musical Versatility
  • Local International Popularity
  • Musical Depth
  • Experience
  • Business Marketing