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Hot Pics – We Have Di Gal Dem @ Hickory House 12.26.12

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Event promotion offers no guarantees.  This Boxing Day event fell victim to Toronto's first major snow storm of the winter. Attendance was low, but, the people who 'braved' it out to Hickory House that night made the best of it and loosened up to to have fun until the wee hours of the morning.   Big Up Alan Ladd, Magnum Force and King Turbo who all played while I was there.  I didn't see Fire Kid Steenie, Soul Survival or Desert [...]

Hot Pics – Pimpers Paradise @ Santa Rosa 12.24.12

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I went and checked out Sample King's "Pimpers Paradise" the night before Christmas at Santa Rosa Nightclub, now under ownership/management by our own (DJ) Troopa (King Majesty).  Usually, a Sample King event is a guaranteed sell-out, but, this year's event wasn't.  Promotion was low key despite holding it in a venue that can easily hold 400 people.  Sample King planned it that way - he wanted a simple yet intimate gathering. When I arrived at 1:45 AM, there [...]

Friday Night ReggaeMania Radio Show Podcast 12.21.12

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It is impossible to speak of Sound Clash in Toronto and Canada and not talk about Super Fresh Sound.  This high energy Canadian war sound was created in 1991 by founding members Double Six aka Father Six and DJ ShortMan (currently residing in Jamaica).  Later, Prophet, Fire Kid Steenie (now solo) and Milo were added to the sound. Many people know of my dark history with Super Fresh.  To put it bluntly, if King Turbo (I use them [...]

Hot Pics – The Night Before Global Clash – King Klepto Send-Off @ Borderline 12.07.12

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Ten years ago, I went to New York for World Clash and witnessed Rebel Tone winning the championship. Disappointed that I would not be attending Global Clash this year, I found myself heading down to Borderline (18 Automatic Dr., Brampton) on Friday, where a last minute "send-off" for King Klepto Sound (the only Canadian Sound on Global Clash) had been advertised (blasted by BBM) featuring a barrage of local clash sounds who were supposed to pass through to 'pay [...]

Friday Night ReggaeMania Radio Show Podcast 11.30.12

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Tasha Rozez repped for Gunz'N'Rozez by playing harrrd.  Not only is she the world's number one female selector /clash champion, she is also Canada's most traveled 'soundman' and is the first female to host Sound System Fridays.  After a 10 PM start time, Tasha delivered some of her exclusive dubs and specials that we haven't heard her play in sometime.  Afterall, it WAS Sound System Fridays, she could play and say as she pleased. Tasha wasn't in a talkative mood, [...]

Friday Night ReggaeMania Radio Show Podcast 11.23.12

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DOWNLOAD | Watch It On RMTV (Ustream) Heatwave started out as a Kingston, Jamaica sound during the early 80's.  Certain things happened and now Heatwave, a sound founded by Bobby Digital, resides here in Canada where Spragga Roots is at the controls and sometimes, Lindo P.  If you love Reggae classics from the 80's and 90's - Shabba, Ninja Man, Sanchez etc. then this is where you might hear dubs by the aforementioned artistes that you've never heard before.  [...]

Hot Pics – Dancehall Invasion @ On The Roxx 11.17.12

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This dance had some interesting moments.  On The Roxx Nightclub was full but not rammed packed, and the people there seemed like they were ready for anything to be thrown at them.  I'll tip my hat to DJ Whitebwoy though, he was ON and had the crowd eating out his hands - singing choruses to songs long after the chunes had ended.  He proved himself - he does 'draw' a crowd and his fans follow him to every gig.  It [...]

Friday Night ReggaeMania Radio Show Podcast 11.16.12

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Big Up Soul Survival Sound! - MC Bumpy Rage and DJ Junior Selector delivered an intense delivery of dub plates, mixing and patter that gave anyone listening an exciting feeling of being inside of a sound clash!  After hearing a few minutes of this sound play, it was obvious that they had a plan - it was to be the first Sound on Sound System Fridays to play all dubs (no 45's) - Rootsman was the first sound to drop [...]

Hot Pics – Marcia Griffiths @ JCA 11.02.12

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The Celebration Of His Majesty's Coronation @ The JCA 11.02.12 (Pics by LBT) featured performances by Jamaica's Marcia Griffiths alongside DJ’s Twelve Tribe Sound, Soul-To-Soul, Afrikan Starr, Delroy G, King David, and Puggy Simeon. Other performers included Canada's Iley Dred, Jay Douglas, Tasha T., King Ujah, Donna Makeda, Fire Lion, Empress Devine, Jah Kettle and Gemini.  

Friday Night ReggaeMania Radio Show Podcast 11.09.12

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Your browser does not support the audio element DOWNLOAD | Watch It On RMTV (Ustream)   Rootsman Sound was the guest sound this week for Sound System Fridays.  They were running late due to traffic problems so I played for the first fifty minutes until they arrived.  Rootsman is a big crew - they have eight soldiers in it.  Reppin' tonight for Rootsman Sound - Ranger, Chuckie and Stallion alongside guest artiste, Nkrumah (who made his first appearance here 09.14.12 with [...]