Hot Pics – Reggae Or Die @ The Guvernment 02.22.13

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This party was packed with Reggae diehards who drank, smoked and partied hard all night long.  All of the Sounds played well, big up Black Reaction for a wicked early round, dunning the place after their appearance on Sound System Fridays.  Big up DJ Tyrone who killed it in the later rounds.  This dance had it's own vibe - people had fun (as you can see in the pics) and yeah, it was Reggae all night, with the exception of [...]

Sound Rage Sound Clash @ Hickory House 02.09.13

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Congratulations to Toronto’s Step-A-Choice Sound, who, in last Saturday’s very sticky Sound Rage Sound clash (at Hickory House) emerged victorious over rival Sounds Soul Survival (2011/2012 Fully Loaded Champions), Lion Heart (2010/2012 GTA Cup Champions) and Magash Int'l (from Switzerland)! When I walked into the clash (just before 2 AM), I was pleasantly surprised to see 200 - 250 clash heads at Hickory House.  The promoters (Jill Richards + Mello Vibes) must have been happy with the numbers.  The promotion [...]

Hot Pics – Diced Pineapples Capricorn & Aquarius Gala @ Kool Haus 02.02.13

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Big Up Fire Kid Steenie!  Once again, he pulled out all the stops and accomplished a feat that only a few before him have managed to do - he packed the Kool Haus with an all Canadian DJ line-up for his birthday bash Diced Pineapples.  The night was a success!  Steenie can relax now for another nine months or so before planning his next one.  I entered the Kool Haus at 1:45 AM and exited at 4:00 AM.  The event [...]

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REAL STEEL @ Hickory House 01.19.13 – Review, Pics & Audio

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I arrived at Hickory House shortly after 2 AM with camera in hand...King Turbo was jus' winding up their second round and were getting props for their (Cham) "Lawless" dub - creatively mixed to identify and big up Toronto neighbourhoods and the communities within them.  Standing on the side, near the bar, the first thing I noticed was the sound - one could hardly hear the audio and if there were more people in attendance, this would have been a [...]

Girls Rush 2013 @ Throne Nightclub 01.01.13

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Girls Rush is a pivotal Toronto dancehall event, because for years now, the massive here has switched from celebrating New Year's Eve (the traditional big night to celebrate) to celebrating New Year's Day instead - Girls Rush.  In years past, the event has featured stars like Tony Matterhorn and has peaked in attendance to accomodate approximately 3,000 people at the Kool Haus. This year's Girls Rush took place at the Brampton's Throne Nightclub and featured music by New York's Steelie [...]