See Hot Pics/Review — Exco Levi Word of the Wise EP Release @ Belleeny’s 05.18.14

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The Words of the Wise EP Release Party featured 3-Time JUNO Award Winner Exco Levi up close and personal with Denise Jones (100.7 CHIN FM "Talk To Me") at Beeleny's Restaurant & Lounge (4,000 Steeles Ave. W.) on Sunday May 18th from 8pm - 10:30 pm.  Exco Levi is the first recipient in the Reggae Recording of the Year Category to receive a JUNO Award for three consecutive years, receiving his  third award at the 2014 JUNO Award Gala in [...]

See Hot Pics/Review – Mykal Rose, Junior Reid, Exco Levi @ Sound Academy 05.24.14

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I had fun at this concert, not only because I was the DJ alongside Spex, and not only because I was photographing the event, but because this kind of show was out of my league of expertise, and I'm always excited to 'learn'. I normally would not choose to attend a Mykal Rose/Junior Reid concert since I was never a Black Uhuru fan or fan of either solo artists - nothing wrong with these musical icons, it's just I'm more [...]

See Hot Pics! Beenie Man & Lil Rick @ Kool Huas 05.17.14

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The Kool Haus was well attended for BYB-and the massive there had a good time from start to finish, taking in the likes of none other than the King of Dancehall-Beenie Man, alongside the very popular Soca artist Lil Rick, in concert on the same stage, same night.  Although I've never attended a Soca concert before, I will say after first impression, that Lil Rick is an artist truly in his element. Full of energy, Lil Rick delivered a great [...]

See Hot Pics/Reviews/Videos! Mr Vegas and QQ live @ Luxy 05.16.14

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QQ and Vegas live in concert - hmm. I'd seen Vegas so many times before, and QQ as far as I was concerned was a 'girls' artist, meaning man don't really dance to his tunes, still I found myself gravitating to this crowd. Worse, I had a friend who was aware of my absenteeism, and he had insisted that it was time for both of us to go back into the trenches of the dancehall, or risk loosing touch with [...]

Friday Night ReggaeMania Sound System Fridays Podcast 02.21.14

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King Turbo and I have a lot of history. This Sound was birthed in Scarborough in 1988-1989, and has since then gone on to represent Canada on an international level with one of the most expensive dubplate collections possessed by any Clash Sound (rumored to be worth close to three-quarter of a million dollars!). When I first introduced to the Sound, it was a young Ricky Turbo (Metro) and Andrew (Slingshot) that were masters of the controls. These two entrepreneurs [...]

Rebel Tone Wins Modern Warfare Soundclash-Read Review/See Pics/Listen-Download Audio

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The Modern Warfare Soundclash was interesting to say the least, taking place Friday January 31st at Hickory House in Scarborough. With a re-vamped lineup, this clash that was supposed to be a 4-sound clash featuring Excel 1 Sound Vs. Mystic Vs. Cumtraxx Vs. Twin Star, but after Mystic and Excel 1 “dropped out”, Rebel Tone, with little time to prepare, was slotted in to replace them, now making it a 3-way clash .  Despite all the commotion, it seemed people [...]