Hot Pics – Luciano @ Opera House 11.02.13

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Here are the pics that I took at IREMEMBER featuring Luciano 'Messenjah' and Jesse Royal at the Opera House last Saturday.  I missed Jesse's performance due to my radio show on 100.7 CHIN-FM (10 PM - Midnight), but, managed to get there in time to snap some photos of Luci.  I took some pictures from the balcony upstairs as well as front of house. I must say, Luciano really gives it his all when performing.  I'm sure, given the choice, [...]

World Clash R.E.S.E.T @ Amazura 10.12.13 – Review, Pics & Video

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Going to World Clash Reset at Amazura in Queens last Saturday was a decision that was made a long time ago.  Partnering the trip with me, and in charge of most of the picture taking, was my sistren Lisa West.  Big her up – if it wasn’t for her enthusiasm and her forcing me to buy my plane tickets way in advance, I probably wouldn’t have ended up going.  After my last few experiences of driving to New York, I [...]

Hallow Point Victorious At Rising Stars Sound Clash 09.20.13 – Review, Pics & Audio

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  HALLOW POINT VICTORIOUS AT RISING STARS SOUND CLASH! All five Sounds were present and drew straws to determine their playing order.  The clash started at 12:12 AM.  The night was blessed with lightning and thunder showers - how apropos!  There were approximately 200 people in attendance and yours truly was the host.  The audio was by Step-A-Choice with Extacy Sounds providing early juggling. Round One: No Eliminations Hallow Point - 12:12 AM:  Hollow Point Sound was up first!  Representing [...]

Hot Pics – Redemption Reggae Festival (Day Two) @ Polson Pier 08.18.13

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Enjoy these pics from Redemption Reggae Festival (Day Two) @ the Polson Pier Entertainment Complex 08.18.13 featuring Morgan Heritage and Beres Hammond!  This was the only day that I could attend, there were no disappointments.  I arrived at 5 PM and the venue was already packed, people continued to trickle in.  Doors opened at 2 PM so I missed all of the opening acts.  Even though I had my ticket for this event, I had no media pass - I [...]

Hot Pics – Jambana @ Markham Fair Grounds 08.05.13

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I had a good time at Jambana!  Good thing I had to arrive early as I heard way too many stories about how long it took to get in and out of Markham Fair Grounds.  That aside, the event was a solid success in my opinion and the numbers were there (attendance wise) for Jones & Jones Productions to secure the grounds for next year's event.  It was just great to see such a massive congregation of people, united not [...]

Hot Pics – Baby Cham @ Famous Nightclub 08.03.13

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I enjoyed 'Caribana Aftermath' with Cham!  Once again, it was Cham who proved to be the star of the evening - he is still one of the best live artistes in Dancehall today.  Cham gave a first-class performance to the 600+ fans inside Famous Nightclub in Mississauga.  He performed for an hour or so and touched all of his 'classic' chunes - the audience sang along with him which brought them all together, just like 'one big family'!  Big Up [...]

Young Hawk wins Dub Fi Dub Sound Clash @ 40 Hanlan

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The event was called "Dub Fi Dub" (a Doogle Myer Promotion), and in classic Sound clash style, there would only be two Sounds 'clashing' it out @ 40 Hanlon (Woodbridge, ON) – Toronto’s Soul Survival Sound featuring MC Bumpy Rage & Junior Selector vs Young Hawk Sound featuring MC & Selector Jamie Hype out of Bronx, NY. The clash started around 1:10 AM and was comprised of four rounds.  The first two rounds clocked in at twenty minutes per Sound, [...]

Hot Pics – Tonya P @ Waterfalls 07.13.13

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Big Up Tonya P who performed live at Waterfalls last Saturday night in celebration of her birthday!  The show was tight and well executed - Tonya performed well and gave it her all for the intimate crowd that gathered to share in her 'special' day and to show their support for local Reggae talent including the opening artistes I Brilliance and others...I missed that part of the show due to my late arrival.  Tonya has become a seasoned performer in [...]

Hot Pics – Chronixx @ The Opera House 05.19.13

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I'm glad I took in this Chronixx show at the Opera House, me along with the other 800 - 900 people who were also in the 'house' on this perfect holiday long weekend Sunday night.  Chronixx was a treat to see live, and for any who may have underestimated the depth and strength of this artist, guess what - Chronixx performed for a solid 90-plus minutes and had the crowd in his hands for the majority of the set. Chronixx [...]

Hot Pics – Steele Birthday Gala @ JCA 04.20.13

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Seems like I missed the best part of this event as I arrived late due to my Saturday Night ReggaeMania radio show on 100.7 CHIN-FM.  It's funny how first impressions are just that - when I first walked in, everyone was slow dancing, swaying to the music (Classic Soul), giving me the feeling of being inside a formal ball versus a Reggae dance. Steele's annual Birthday  Gala saw the place jam packed with people smiling, laughing and enjoying themselves.  Gone [...]