See Hot Pics, Video, Review — Chronixx Delivers for Sold Out Crowd at Rebel Nightclub

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Click Image Above to watch our Video Footage of Chronixx @ Rebel 04.28.17 Chronixx and his Riddim Up Band performed for a sold out crowd inside Rebel Nightclub on Friday April 28th. The concert also featured Canada's own Blessed and Lindo P., with early juggling by Yardcore (1st time in Toronto for Max Glazer), backed by the Love People Family. This was Chronixx's third Toronto appearance, and the non-traditional early-start time caught some people off guard who ended up [...]

Steele Still On Top Of His Game

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Steele-She Believes In Me (Download for Free-New Album Soon To Come) Queen Ifrica- New World Order (Download for Free-New Album Soon To Come) Steele Mobs Concert at Harbourfront Center/Toronto (Download Free-New Album Soon To Come) STEELE Described as dynamic and sensational, with the versatility and range that defies restriction to any one genre. Steele is as captivating in his handling of R&B material as he is with Soul, Reggae, Classical, and Jazz. Born in [...]

See our Hot Pics, Video, Review of Chronixx at Sound Academy 08.21.15

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As a dancehall journalist I get to see many Reggae shows coming to the Toronto area.  I’ll admit that over the years, I have witnessed the Reggae stage show scene enter into a state of regression in terms of failing to showcase any new or rarely seen before artists, rather there is a high repeat-return factor for the same shows and artists coming to town.  Over the past ten years or so, many artists coming to town are artists that have been [...]

Hot Pics – Chronixx @ The Opera House 05.19.13

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I'm glad I took in this Chronixx show at the Opera House, me along with the other 800 - 900 people who were also in the 'house' on this perfect holiday long weekend Sunday night.  Chronixx was a treat to see live, and for any who may have underestimated the depth and strength of this artist, guess what - Chronixx performed for a solid 90-plus minutes and had the crowd in his hands for the majority of the set. Chronixx [...]

Top 10 Reggae Chart April 2013

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There seems to be no stopping Chronixx as he takes the bull by the horns.  This month's chart features four of his songs - unprecedented in chart history!  This artist is making the traditionally more experienced artistes seem pale in comparison.  In last month's chart, we saw Chronixx in the top position with his hit "Behind Curtain", this month, it fell to the number two spot - knocked down by his latest "Odd Ras", which is one of the hottest [...]

Top 20 Dancehall Chart April 2013

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Topping this month's Dancehall Chart is I-Octane's "Gal A Gimme Bun" -  a funny tune that some of you can relate to I'm sure.  This song was well crafted, his songwriting skills are getting better as time goes by.  This song was released in December of 2012 and now, mid April, it's taking the world by storm!  The Dancehall Scene is still waiting for its first big riddim of the year. Number two and number three respectively belong to Chronixx [...]

Top 10 Reggae Chart March 2013

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Big Up Chronixx - he tops this month's Top 10 Reggae Chart and has two other songs that are steadily climbing up the chart too!  He's the 'next one' according to the scene DJs and Sound Systems and why not?, we could use a 'saviour' right about now. NEW ON CHART Postition - Artist - Song 02. Chronixx - Odd Ras 04. Maxi Preist - Easy To Love 05. Gyptian - Tell You This 06. Anthony B. - [...]

Tommy Lee Sparta Camp Lash Out Against ‘False Claims’ And $1.5 Million Dollar Lawsuit Threat by Canadian Promoter!

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On Monday November 26th, broke the news that Jamaica’s hottest artist, Tommy Lee Sparta, alongside his manager, Heavy D (Heavy D Promotions) and his booking agent, Jackie Baker (Borderline Production Inc.) were being sued by Canada’s CVR Entertainment Promo after a show that was scheduled for December 15th at the Kool Haus in Toronto was pulled by the aforementioned parties due to alleged ‘fraudulent’ cheques that were issued by Canada’s CVR Entertainment Promo as deposits for the show.  The [...]

Tommy Lee Sparta Sued for 1.5 million by Canadian Promoter!

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“We're suing them for 1.5 million dollars, as damages for tarnishing our name and as re-imbursement for the lost revenues from the cancelled shows. We're also red-flagging every person on their travelling party, from Canada on a whole, Germany, everywhere" - Richard Hope/CEO of CRV Entertainment Promo Tommy Lee Sparta is currently Jamaica’s hottest Dancehall artist.  He recently graced Toronto with his presence for a short promotional tour and was booked to return for a full- on gig December 15th [...]

Tommy Lee T.O. Concert Postponed Indefinitely After Promoters Issue Fraudulent Cheques!

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The Tommy Lee Sparta Kool Haus concert scheduled for December 15th has been postponed indefinitely by the promoter. Last Saturday, November 24th, a Press Release/e-blast was issued from Tommy Lee's management stating that the cheques issued by Canada's CVR Entertainment Promo as deposits for the Toronto show were fraudulent and had been seized by the banks. The blast then listed the confirmed dates and locations booked for Tommy Lee Sparta Performances. was told that a separate promoter would be [...]