Listen and Download show Podcasts from our Friday and Saturday night ReggaeManiaRadio live shows.

Sound System Friday Radio Show Podcast 03.07.14

By | March 17th, 2014|Downloads, Friday Night ReggaeMania, Podcasts, ReggaeManiaRadio|

Big up Brimstone Gold and Black Magic Sounds for repping on our final Sound System Fridays Radio Show, as well as Squidley (Klymaxx), Chris Dubbs and Fiine China (Reggaetown Radio) for passing through and blessing the show with their presence. Brimstone Gold arrived early but had issues with Serato failing to load up so they decided to leave and ge their own Serator Box, which eventually solved the issue. Even though they were Scarborough based, it would be near 10 [...]

Saturday Night ReggaeMania Radio Show Podcast 03.08.14

By | March 11th, 2014|Downloads, Playlists, Podcasts, ReggaeManiaRadio|

I'm not sure what the reason was, but this show ends up being one of my favorites for the year.  Perhaps it was the non-traditional uptempo start that paced up my selecting, but I found the mixing to be exciting and refreshing on this night more than most, something was just "on".  Enjoy the Podcast - Saturday Night ReggaeMania is broadcast on 100.7 CHIN FM every Saturday 10PM-Midnight, and features yours truly as host and DJ. P.S. Find [...]

Sound System Fridays Radio Show Podcast 02.28.14

By | March 10th, 2014|Downloads, Friday Night ReggaeMania, Podcasts, ReggaeManiaRadio|

Thanks to Step-a-Choice, Rebel Tone, Black Magic and Chris Dubbs for repping on this Friday Night Show.  I'm guilty of putting this line up together on the same day - wasn't sure if I was going to do a show as Sound System Fridays was "scheduled" to close, and this would be the last show I thought (it would turn out to be the second last).  Not much to say about this night, as nobody was there with anything to [...]

Saturday Night ReggaeMania Radio Show Podcast 03.01.14

By | March 3rd, 2014|Downloads, Playlists, Podcasts, ReggaeManiaRadio|

A hot show on a cold night - the first night of the month of March was freezing cold and there was an intense snowstorm in Toronto. That didn't stop me from banging some great new dancehall reggae, as is the tradition on the 100.7 CHIN FM Saturday Night ReggaeMania Radio Show, hosted by yours truly every Saturday 10pm - Midnight (also on Not too much to say this show, just a lot of great music to play. Enjoy [...]

Saturday Night ReggaeMania Radio Show Podcast 02.22.14

By | February 28th, 2014|Downloads, Playlists, Podcasts, ReggaeManiaRadio|

The now music tradition continued on the last Saturday Night ReggaeMania Radio Show.  Lots of news Riddims and Songs are being released as February has proved to be a very busy month for dancehall artists worldwide. Listen now or Download the Podcast and tune in to Saturday Night ReggaeMania, where DJ-Host Ron Nelson throws it down every Saturday from 10pm - Midnight on 100.7 CHIN FM (and on Listen to 24-hr ReggaeManiaRadio on, TuneinRadio, iTunes, and the Nokia [...]

Friday Night ReggaeMania Sound System Fridays Podcast 02.21.14

By | February 22nd, 2014|2014 Pics, Downloads, Friday Night ReggaeMania, Podcasts, ReggaeManiaRadio|

King Turbo and I have a lot of history. This Sound was birthed in Scarborough in 1988-1989, and has since then gone on to represent Canada on an international level with one of the most expensive dubplate collections possessed by any Clash Sound (rumored to be worth close to three-quarter of a million dollars!). When I first introduced to the Sound, it was a young Ricky Turbo (Metro) and Andrew (Slingshot) that were masters of the controls. These two entrepreneurs [...]

Friday Night ReggaeMania Sound System Fridays Radio Show Podcast 02.14.14

By | February 20th, 2014|Downloads, Friday Night ReggaeMania, Podcasts, ReggaeManiaRadio|

DJ Culcha repped his Gideon Sound with new music and fresh just-back-from Jamaica vibes on last week's Sound System Fridays broadcast.  I admit, I was already hyped after hearing DJ Culcha new music on his Rebel Music Radio Show on the previous Thursday (Regent Radio), so it made complete sense to invite him down.  Besides, DJ Culcha had already repped on ReggaeMania before, about a year ago, and had nothing to prove.  His intent was to present a show that [...]

Saturday Night ReggaeMania Radio Show Podcast 02.15.14

By | February 20th, 2014|Downloads, Playlists, Podcasts, ReggaeManiaRadio|

I really liked this show, and considered myself a bit lucky considering the night before my music Hard Drive crashed and I lost almost 2 months worth of new music. Being a DJ in the digital era has it's ups and downs, but all of us usually needs one of these lessons as a reminder to back up our material on a monthly basis. External Hard Drives are bound to fail after time, and this is my fourth one to [...]

Friday Night ReggaeMania Radio Show Podcast 02.07.14

By | February 14th, 2014|Downloads, Friday Night ReggaeMania, Podcasts, ReggaeManiaRadio|

Check out DJ Newby representing his Rebel Tone Sound fresh off his Modern Warfare victory over Cumtraxx and Twin Star sounds. Newby loves playing music, and stated to me that he was a "baby" when he won World Clash (2002), and back then, he had only a "handful" of dubs compared to today where he has "dubs to spare". This was a good show, and Newby was not afraid to talk the talk and further rub salt into the wounds [...]

100.7 Chin FM Saturday Night ReggaeMania Radio Show Podcast 02.08.14

By | February 13th, 2014|Downloads, Playlists, Podcasts, ReggaeManiaRadio|

This was a fun show for me, I think you'll enjoy my vibe resonating on the music and the mixing. This was the night after a big Redemption event, and perhaps because some of the big man dem (artists from Jamaica who performed) were still in the T=Dot, there was a certain vibe in the air that was good for the ReggaeMania airwaves. Enjoy the Podcast - and spread the word about the show! P.S. Find our ReggaeMania [...]