David Rodigan resigns from Kiss FM after 22 Years!

Big Up the Independent – who broke the story earlier today that England’s celebrated DJ David Rodigan has resigned from his Kiss FM radio show after serving on that station for 22 years.  Sir Rodigan’s reasons for resigning were in protest to what he called Kiss FM’s “continuous ‘marginalisation’ of Reggae music in the (programming) schedule”.  David Rodigan, it seems, despite being a decorated radio broadcasting veteran and legendary sound clash sniper recognized worldwide and adored by even the toughest of critics in the music business, was demoted (once again) to a now midnight timeslot on Kiss FM in order to accommodate a show hosted by the singer Craig David.  There’s a rule in radio – midnight onwards, no matter who you are on the radio – most people are sleeping and audience numbers drop drastically.  Recognizing this, Rodigan may have did what he had the right to do – say “hell no!”, pack his bags and go.  We at ReggaeMania.com support him in his decision and we wish him good luck in all his future endeavors.  We’re sure he’ll soon end up back in Radio on the dial somewhere, if not right back on his rightful place at Kiss FM.

Here’s the link to the full article published on The Independent 11.22.12

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