Why e-Blasting and the Front Page Special is the perfect one-two Punch! 2017-09-17T10:21:47+00:00

“Hey Promoters!! Why Let Your Flyers Go To Waste – We’ll help you distribute thousands of them for unbelievably low prices!

Spice Up Your Campaign with ReggaeMania.com e-Blasting — people who have tried Reggaemania.com e-Blasting testify that it really works!!  While it’s cool to “wait” for people to visit ReggaeMania.com, we utilize a specialized third party service to send out your Flyer with one “touch of a button” to our entire 10,000 person email list.

After some basic programming, the contact gets the email alert which prompts them to read your Message Title before opening up your beautiful flyer campaign page on their personal device.

Even if they don’t open up your email, you can rest assured they’ve read your Message Title before pressing delete, adding nicely to your e-blasting punch.

ReggaeMania e-Blasting is great for advertising and ‘grand’ launching any dance, concert or special event, but even more effective when things change unexpectedly or when event information simply needs to be updated – venue relocations, dance cancellations, ticket availability, new artists or sounds added to a roster, etc.

Our e-blast mailing target Reggae lovers primarily.  We’re always updating our lists via our Subscription Link on our website’s Home Page and by marketing personally at local dances and stage shows happening in and out of town.  People on our list appreciate being informed with our e-Blasting service.

If a Reggae and Urban target demographic interests you, simply call or email us and we’ll take you through all you need to know.   ReggaeMania.com e-Blasting Works and it’s extremely affordable! Just give it a try once and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed. It’s the perfect one-two punch; the Front Page Special – your Advertising placed in three locations on the ReggaeMania.com Home Page, in combination with an email campaign targeting even more people.

E-BLASTING-Front Page Special Price List 2016:

Our 2015 E-Blasting Rate Card
# of BlastsCost of Package
E-Blasting Works!! Our competitive Prices will Amaze You!!

Paying for your ReggaeMania.com Advertising:

First, we’d like to say thanks for advertising with us. Even if you are considering advertising but still haven’t fully made up your mind, we love the fact that you see the marketing potential that our RM websites can offer you.  Paying for you RM Advertisement Packages are simple;

  • You can also email money (djronnelson@gmail.com) via online banking
  • If you have a TD-Canada Trust account, money can be direct-deposited or transferred via online banking to; TD Canada Trust / Ron Nelson / Transit #: 1029 / acct: 6257143
  • You can pay with your credit card using  PAYPAL (djronnelson@rogers.com)
  • Cash Payments can be made directly to Ron Nelson at the offices of Ron Nelson / Reggaemania Inc.
  • International accounts can send money via PayPal or Western Union
  • For more information, contact Ron Nelson @ 416-699-2900 or email djronnelson@gmail.com