Friday Night ReggaeMania Radio Show Podcast 02.22.13

Eyesus_Blackz_SuperK_BlackReaction_FNR_02.22.13 119Big Up Black Reaction who came in fully prepared and represented on Sound System Fridays!  Despite a late start, Black Reaction did not disappoint – they delivered a solid show playing quality dubs.  Super K (selector) is one of the smoothest mixers in Toronto dancehall and MC Blackz, proved once again, why he is rated one of Canada’s Top 5 Mic Talkers.  Their effort was flawless – entertaining the listening audience with dubs that brought back ‘sweet’ memories of some of the best moments that we’ve seen in Toronto Sound clash.  Black Reaction (originally built for war) have been through some serious clashes and can still brag and boast about it today – they stand as our Canadian World Clash Champions!

I asked Black Reaction a question I already knew the answer to – did they prepare for the show?  I asked that question because their delivery was so smooth – many people listening in might have thought that they had planned what they executed, this was not the case.  Black Reaction has stepped out of the ‘clash’ arena in the last couple of years to focus on juggling.  They are aware of the disappointment from Toronto clash fans, but, stick with their philosophy – “sounds cannot live by clashing alone”.  I agree wholeheartedly!

Big Up Eyesus, a returning guest artiste to Sound System Fridays!  Sounds pick their own artists for the show and they don’t usually tell me in advance who they’re bringing in.  Eyesus, as most people in Toronto should know, is one of our finest and his performances are always lyrically flawless.  I can’t forget studying Eyesus…he was studying  Black Reaction and their performance carefully – watching, learning and appreciating the music and the vibes.  I have to admit, I was too.  There was just something different about this night – the vibes were ‘big people tings’, even though I’ve grown up with Reaction, this was an ‘evolved’ version of the Sound.

Enjoy this podcast, you’ll love the vibe – the selecting, the mixing and the music!  Big Up Black Reaction and Eyesus for passing through.  Next week, we welcome a younger Sound – Klymaxx Sound.

Black Reaction_FNR_02.22.13 169

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