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I must admit, I didn’t know much about Klymaxx Sound to give them the proper respect that was due – that’s in the past now.  Klymaxx Sound, a Durham (Ajax) Sound, formed in 1992, delivered all the goods on Sound System Fridays last Friday night – by the time they had reached the halfway point of the show, they had already proved to the listening and viewing audience that they are one of Toronto’s finest Sounds when it comes to dubplates and good MC vibes.

Klymaxx is a progressive Sound – they proved that with proper preparation and excellent organizational skills, they could ‘flawlessly’ execute their show.  At times, you felt the Sound clash vibe and at other times you didn’t – bottom line is, versatility is key.  Great music that was played properly despite a few technical difficulties with Serato.  One has to listen to the podcast to fully appreciate what I am saying.  Big Ups to Specialist (DJ) and Squidly (MC) for doing an admirable job and for possessing a great attitude towards playing ‘sound’ in general!

The second half of the show was heavy-duty, so much so, that I told Klymaxx that this might end up overshadowing their DJ performance in the first half.  They had a score of guest artistes that night – Father Digital (a.k.a. Fada Digi – in yellow), Sirus (Singjay), Reese Badda (hoodie & shades), Contracta and Lindo P.  Big Up Gary and Bugsy as well!  The artist performances were off the hook – Lindo P. was in his element (as usual) and Fada Digi came off as one of the more polished artists that we’ve seen perform on Sound System Fridays.

Reese Badda was just as entertaining and showed, what I term as “styles of the future”.  He’s a DJ with diverse lyrics and a style to call his own.  People get ready, the wave is coming – these artistes represent the next generation of Reggae and Dancehall, ready and willing to take over!  Sirus was interesting too, I just needed to see more of him – he was a little laid back when it came to his performance.  Contracta didn’t intend to perform – he was “born” on this night with a name given to him by yours truly!  LOL.

And Big Up Bugsy, the guy wearing the glasses that likes to hunch over when he DJ’s!  This man has more talent than he possibly knows, but, his voice isn’t seasoned yet, he needs to work on his vocals in order to progress as a great live performer.  Check out his lyrics though, they’re full of hooks and punchlines.

I’m impressed with Klymaxx Sound – this talented crew arrived without attitude and demonstrated that they could take advantage of an opportunity given – that’s what Sound System Fridays provides.  Mark my words, we’ll see and hear more from this Sound in the future.  They delivered all of the artists who performed – ’twas the icing on the cake.  Keep up the good work Klymaxx, you are the future!

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