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Big Up Rudeboy Sound and its selector – Angelina Montana!  She came to Sound System Fridays fully stocked and delivered a nice show full of big chunes, dubplates and live performances.

In the house was Bigga Boss (Sniper Sounds), who was very entertaining once taking the mic late in the show.  Performing live is second nature for Fatman aka Bigga Boss and even though he can be very raw and stink, I had figured that tonight he would tame his uncensored nature for his Sound System Fridays performance.  He’s a musical terrorist, not just as an artist, as well as a producer and DJ/Selector and he couldn’t be stopped!  LOL.  It was good to see him finally pass through.  Loved what he said, “I didn’t steal your briefcase Ron Nelson”.  LOL!  For those of you who don’t know, Fatman and I go way way back, it’s all good.

Big Up Lucci – the live performer in the blue dress and the black leather jacket!  She was very entertaining.  Just like Bigga Boss, she did not hold back her uncensored nature and performed reality street lyrics that were funny, but, at times, too honest.  Lucci is a Deejay, Singer, and Rapper – the combination of all of these talents makes for a well rounded and packaged artist.  There’s room for someone like her in this market, just you wait ‘n see.

Shoné was another artist who Angelina had invited down.  I needed to turn up the mic during her interview so we could all hear her better, but overall, she’s not a bad sounding artist.  She still has some work to do, as the threshold for a singer is twice as high as that for deejays and singjays.  I sensed that Shoné is an artist that just needs a little more time to hone her skills – keep singing girl, the voice is there, you sound good, you just need to tweak it and a little more confidence wouldn’t hurt either.  Big Up King Markus and Tyrone of Meccacity Soundz who held it down and played a nice set with a good selection of tunes while Angelina took a short break!

As for Angelina, wow!  What can I say about her?  She’s a little “off this planet” and I thought Tasha Rozez was different.  Angelina is a rare commodity in Dancehall – being a female Sound clash selector/mic talker who takes what she does very seriously.  She’s all about Rudeboy Sound and her personality fits like a glove with the craft of Sound clash.  She is what I call ‘hyper social’ –  she talks a lot and talks a mile a minute, but, nothing lost on her as she’ll have a response to anything and everything that you throw at her.  She seems very guarded at times, I guess it’s just a protection thing – her ‘real’ self remains a little bit of a mystery to most of us.

Angelina Montana is a “Latin” woman – she says, “maybe that’s what throws me off”, even after spending three hours with her, I still can’t claim to know who she really is.  I’ve seen her in ‘war’ (Sound clash) where she has been the recipient of some serious verbal lashings from competing male selectors, but, she always has a come back with her lyrical prowess and the dubs to follow.  Nobody can forget the time that Angelina participated in Fully Loaded or was it Unfinished Business?, she literally bumped out two of  her selectors who had not performed that well in earlier rounds and took over!

I’ll give Angelina an ‘A’ for effort, even though her execution could have been smoother.  She had some good moments here and there, but, the momentum was not maintained.  The artist performances were interesting and the studio definitely had ‘rudeboy’ vibe.  Big Up Angelina for holding it down and for putting it all together!  I would’ve loved to hear more Rudeboy dubs – their box is deeper than many think or know and their selection of tunes have been carefully crafted and selected.  Mark my words, you’ll be hearing more of Rudeboy Sound in the future.  Big Up Toronto, Canada for being the home to many top notch female Dancehall selectors!
Part One: 9 PM – Midnight

Part Two: 12 – 12:40 AM

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  1. LUCCI March 26, 2013 at 11:34 am - Reply

    Big Up Reggaemania, Ron Nelson, Angelina Montana, Bigga Boss, Meccacity; and everyone in the music industry doing their ting! ahhh

  2. sherwin dj blackrozez April 13, 2013 at 1:40 am - Reply

    i love the way u keep it on a propa level!!!!! keep up the good work but as a veteran tell the promoter dem who waist pon some idiot clash put it weh it’s killing the biz!!!!! instead dem fi just put on party!!!!! some a di clash wah gwan di sounds involved would not get get no where!!!!! Indica sound was me who even when we did young we tried with, soul 2 soul, king turbo, black supreme, soul action, kool vibes, and all bass oddessey & stone love. U R the big man still in dis and bring super fresh back out king turbo di man who still ah spend $$$$ educate these promoters please!!!!! I rate u pon a dif level but don’t fight promoters but mek dek dem get there s*** right mi ah beg u boss man!!!!!

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