Friday Night ReggaeMania Radio Show Podcast 03.29.13

FNR_03.29.13 1584Our Good Friday Sound System Fridays show featured three Sounds – Exodus Nuclear (JA, USA + CAN) who were booked for the show, Stone Love (JA) – passing through and Kingshine International (USA) – passing through.  I started the show off playing an ‘early warm’ set (first hour) as Exodus Nuclear was running late.  Once they arrived, they still needed time to prepare.  Eventually, they got their stuff together, set up and played.  Born forty years ago in Jamaica, this Sound has expanded statewise and across the border too, whilst remaining true to its roots.  Tonight, Exodus Nuclear was represented by Kirk (MC) – the Canadian rep and Vijay (DJ) as well as Gadget.  Take a listen to the podcast, they had some interesting tunes.  I want to thank them for coming down to the ReggaeManiaRadio studio to showcase their skills and Sound.  I wish them all the best in the future – there’s an opportunity out there, all they have to do is ‘take it!’.

FNR_03.29.13 1617Next Sound up…Stone Love Movements – Big Up G-Fuss!  Stone Love Sound was in town for a gig at Surface Nightclub (The Government) Saturday night.  I like talking to G-Fuss, he’s full of knowledge about the business and its history.  I always give him credit for being one of the primary Stone Love selectors who waves the flag and carries the torch for Fadda Pow when abroad.  It was a real treat to have Stone Love Sound pass through and play – it was fulljoyed by all!  I asked for Stone Love anthems and I got ’em.  Enjoy this part of the podcast, Stoooooone Loooooove – Ruff Ruff!!!

FNR_03.29.13 1625Last but not least, the final Sound for the night was Kingshine International out of New Jersey – welcome Jimmy NatureBwoy Spliff!  He was in town for a clash Saturday night and looked forward to coming down to Sound System Fridays to make a statement.  Come show time, Jimmy found himself enjoying the ReggaeManiaRadio – Sound System Fridays vibe and took off! – there was no need to make a statement.  He did what he does best – ‘play’ and he had fun doing it too.  This kid is very sure of himself and as a one man ‘killing machine’, was not at a disadvantage at all (I think he liked it that way).  Big Up NatureBwoy – he did his research and not only played well, but, spoke well in his short interview with yours truly!

Big Up Exodus Nuclear, Stone Love (G-Fuss), Kingshine International (Jimmy NatureBwoy Spliff) and Problem Child (Don Rankin Sound) for the Kingshine International link!  Enjoy the podcast!

FNR_03.29.13 1653

P.S. You can now find these Podcasts on iTunes – Just type ‘ReggaeMania Radio’ into their search bar.

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