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RMR_06.07.13 008 It’s often said that Toronto, Canada is home to many of the world’s finest dancehall clash Sounds.  Now, as we approach the first half of the year, we can say with certainty, that, not only are we the ‘home’ to the best Sounds, but, we’re also home to the most lethal dancehall MC in the business – PollyFamous TheGeneral alongside his partner in crime – Richie, masters at the controls.  They represent the Canadian body of LP International and have full authority to kill anything that stands in their way, literally!

Many of us here have watched PollyFamous grow and mature into his current role – a great mic talker/selector.  He fought hard with King Klepto, a Sound he’d been with since 2002, but, musically speaking, the dubplate arsenal possessed by King Klepto was not of the same caliber as Polly and his MC skills.  It might be fair to say…in retrospect, if winning clashes were based on MC skills alone, then Polly Famous The General would have a few more trophies sitting in the Klepto showcase.

So when rumors hit the streets that PollyFamous was getting offers from other Sounds Stateside, Canada was stumped, we had not seen anything like this before.  King Sharpe joining King Turbo doesn’t count.  Part of the “Canadian” experience is having to witness foreigners coming here, stealing away ‘our’ best talent by recruiting and signing them.  It’s been happening for years in Hip-hop and R&B and now, for the first time in the dancehall – a Canadian MC/DJ team has been recruited by a Sound that has stood firm since 1982 – LP International representing Canada, USA and Germany.

It was in April when PollyFamous got the call from Fadda Gary (owner) officially inviting Polly and Richie to be ‘official’ LP members.  Fadda Gary had already checked Polly out at a small showcase dance back in February (NYC) where King Klepto lost to Camouflage.  However, one should credit Nowie Don, another member of LP as he was the real scout.  He recognized Polly and Richie’s talent and their potential and brought up the idea to Fadda Gary about expanding the LP brand to rep Canada.  Official LP International killers are…Puma – owner (Germany), Killa D (USA), Nowie Don (USA), Jr. Killa (USA), Ryan Shotta (USA), Chalice (USA), PollyFamous (Canada) and Richie (Canada).

The move to LP International from King Klepto is still something alot of us here are having difficulty accepting.  Just when people were starting to say that the ‘Sound clash’ business may be in danger of going extinct, we see sounds like LP International expanding, this shortly after America’s King Addies had signed to Irish and Chin management, hence becoming the next Sound to stand beside Japan’s Mighty Crown exclusively managed by Irish and Chin.  Hmmm…I wonder who’s next?

Today, Polly and Richie are like two kids in a candy store – they are overwhelmed with joy as they play the LP dub box.  After years of sound system frustration, they are now in a musical wonderland.  It’s just a matter of time before the killing starts to become thrilling and for the Sounds abroad to start to fret!

RMR_06.07.13 058
PollyFamous and Richie are ready for war!  Granted, there will be some adjustments for them both as they continue to study and learn the LP dub box on a daily basis.  All this Sound needs is some experience – some wins, some losses.  Let’s look at the Canadian branch of LP in a years time and see where things stand.  Remember mi tell you – PollyFamous (as an MC) is a game changer, just like Drake was to the Hip-hop scene.  I think PollyFamous is that good and I predict the Sound clash scene will be altered because of what he will bring to the table within the next few years!  He has an answer for everything and has a real understanding of the history and understands the business side of things too.  Polly’s the best in game right now – he can play the machine, talk the mic, instill fear into an opponent one minute, then say something funny that makes an entire audience break out in laughter the next, he’s funnier than Panther (Black Kat).

Oh yeah, as for Sound System Fridays…Listen! and Watch! for yourselves.  LP International didn’t miss a beat!  It was a musical onslaught that spared nobody, including adversaries King Turbo (King Sharpe and Spex), Super Fresh, Rootsman, Twin Star, Tasha Rozez, Rebel Tone and many more.  Musically speaking, Polly and Richie played it all leaving the critics speechless and the chat room members scrambling for cards to draw about LP’s performance.

RMR_06.07.13 068
Big Up Terminal DG and Jah Youth as well!  Both were excellent in their performances and solid on the mic and at times even joined by PollyFamous himself – who knew? LOL!  Also, Big Up Big G! – the first to arrive at the ReggaeMania studio and Big Up the photographer who was in the house too! – sorry!, I forgot your name.  Last but not least, Big Up the LP International fam for giving Polly and Richie an opportunity in a business where opportunities are few!  If this was a test for your newly recruited selectors, they passed it with flying colours and are ready for world sound system domination.  This show became the most viewed show since Sound System Fridays started.  By 9:24 PM, the old record had been smashed and by Midnight, the old record had doubled for people listening simultaneously.  That’s a good look for Canada and the USA.  Nuff said people – Listen! Watch! and Download! – Enjoy the Podcast!

Part One

Part Two — The Interview

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