Friday Night ReggaeMania Radio Show Podcast 06.28.13

Supa Bass didn’t do too bad on Friday Night, but, it was clear from their performance that they could have done better.  Talk to Fadda Bass (the one and only MC and DJ for Supa Bass) and he’ll be the first one to admit this.  Things didn’t kick off at 9 PM as scheduled as Supa Bass was running late and didn’t start playing until 10 PM.  Off to a rocky start, Fadda Bass – a former selector for USA’s Super Gold Sound rolled through a vast selection of dubs – decent chunes still, but, lacked in presentation (mixing and mic skills) for a smooth delivery.  At times it seemed as though he lost his momentum as the show progressed.  He did leave the chat room populace wanting more – specific requests for ‘new’ riddims came in, but, he couldn’t deliver as he…

FNR_06.30.13 010

As a selector, Fadda Bass sounds nice – he has a rich voice and a potentially rude attitude!  He later admitted to me that when he plays alongside his DJ, he’s even ‘better’ at his craft, but viewers weren’t told about any other partner in Supa Bass.  I still loved the way he sounded when he did talk the mic.  I found myself running interference by encouraging Fadda Bass to talk more.  At times, I knew the dubs weren’t working on their own, and perhaps because he, unlike most sounds playing on Sound System Fridays, did not arrive with a ‘bag a man’, just one solo artist who stayed in the background throughout the show until it was his time to shine.  His name is Turmo Heights, and he would be the lone special artists that would perform on behalf of Supa Bass Sound.

FNR_06.30.13 012

I’d never seen Turmo Heights perform before, but, I was extremely impressed.  I thought how cool it was that an artiste can just come in and save a middle of the road Sound System Fridays.  Maybe I’m giving this artiste too much ratings, but, I love to spot raw talent!  Turmo Heights was ON and his vibes were effortless as he rhymed in a style similar but not equal to Aidonia.  He was refreshing!  A true original – natural and raw on the lyrical front, qualifying him to become a successful recording artist.  I will go on record as saying…Turmo Heights will rise to become one of Toronto’s best new artistes!  Enjoy the podcast!

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