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Big Up Black Magic Sound for their appearance on Sound System Fridays last Friday night.  Originally out of Brooklyn, with a division in Texas, Black Magic has expanded their outfit to include Canada in their quest for Sound System domination.  Black Magic arrived late for some reason and started playing just before 10 PM.  I keep having to explain to the Sounds that show up late that this is a three hour show and showing up late and playing two-thirds or less effects the stamina of the Sound as well as their difficulty.  Black Magic Sound went straight to work and dropped their first intro.  The crew was MC Cutthroat alongside Streetz and DJ Wiggums of Canada’s Embassy Promo, absent was Father Derek (the owner) and other member Scarry.

Overall, Black Magic’s performance was decent.  They had enough dubs to take them through the final two hours without any problems and presented a good variety of chunes proving that they were not to be underestimated despite being a relatively new Sound in T-dot.  The combination of (MC) Cutthroat and (DJ) Wiggums worked well – they have good chemistry and the dubs were clean sounding and authentic.  I don’t really have any complaints and the people in the chat room were happy, but, if i had to come with some constructive criticism, it would be this Sound puts little to no emphasis on ‘new’ dubplate chunes.  It would’ve been nice and refreshing to hear some new chunes from some hot new artistes a la Chronixx et al.

One more thing…Black Magic Sound failed to deliver an artiste to perform live.  Sounds who agree to do Sound System Fridays are obliged to provide an artiste(s) of their choice to perform live – this fosters innovation, creativity and talent within our Sound clash and Reggae and Dancehall fraternity and it also helps to promote them – get the word out.  It’s great for International exposure too as ReggaeManiaRadioSoundSystemFridays reach is worldwide!  Unfortunately, there was no artiste(s) live and direct in studio, but, we did receive a live call from Josey Wales and Yami Bolo advertising their upcoming Toronto gig on Saturday night at SVG Nightclub.  The show was pretty good and Black Magic were true to their name – in the sense that they called out certain Sounds names letting them know that they are ready, willing and able to clash and/or juggle and expect to be called on it – that old black magic has me in its spell…Enjoy the Podcast!
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Part 01 – 180 Mins

Part 02 – 18 Mins

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