Friday Night ReggaeMania Radio Show Podcast 07.19.13

FNR__07.19.13 009Congratulations to Bassline Sound for delivering one of the most action packed shows that we’ve seen on since Sound System Fridays started!  Big Up Big Dawg (DJ) and (MC) Lukie!  I’m not sure who should get the credit for putting this show together, but, along with Bassline, we have to big up their entourage of over twenty people – guests and friends along for the ride!  With a house full of artistes, soundmen, friends and VIPs, this made for a gr-r-reat night!

The first thing I was impressed with was this Sound’s early arrival.  They broke the developing ‘trend’ of Sounds arriving late for their show.  There were no technical problems to speak of during this broadcast – this is where the ‘early’ arrival time comes into play.  The earlier you arrive, the better.  This extra time allows the Sound to get familiar with the lay of the land (studio), set up and to anticipate and solve any technical problems beforehand rather than being crippled by them during the live broadcast.

Previous to the show, I didn’t know much about Bassline Sound other than the fact that they had participated in a Sound clash.  I admit I didn’t have too high of expectations for what was likely a young Sound trying to ‘prove’ their worth.  I’ve got to give credit where credit is due – Bassline Sound took off running from the time they dropped their first dubplate until the last one played.  Not only did they pace themselves well, they played professionally too!

Big Dawg spent the first forty-five minutes getting comfortable with the sound before Lukie cut in taking control of the mic.  Lukie’s confidence, combined with his deep voice and his laid back style made a perfect match for Big Dawg’s dub selections.  Bassline Sound was (as they described) a “bad” Sound!  The spirit of Sound clash was definitely in the air.

FNR__07.19.13 068
Bassline may have made their entry into the Canadian market only four years ago, but, they have been cutting dubs for over twelve years now in anticipation of entering the Sound system/Sound clash market.  Until that time came, someone had a business plan in mind…working in stealth mode, strategically planning, cutting and creating dubs – welcome Bassline.  Big Up Lukie for having the hindsight, insight and foresight!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that this Sound is perfect or even on the same level as the Super Fresh’s, King Turbo’s or the Rootsmen’s of today, I am merely stating that they have promise and I recognise talent when I see it.  At times their musical presentation was a bit choppy, but, as time went by, it got smoother.  Older Sounds will criticize the fact that their dubs go ‘deeper’, but, a young Sound vs an old Sound is sometimes refreshing.  Listen and judge for yourself!  Big Up Bassline Sound for their effort still!
FNR__07.19.13 027
Bassline Sound also gets props for delivering a plethora of performing artistes, who, by the way, tore things up!  First of all, Big Up to Mr. “Click Mi Finger” and “Roll With Me” – Jamaica’s own, Erup!  An honour and a pleasure to have him grace the ReggaeManiaRadio studio.  I loved how he vibed with everyone – this night, his celebrity status was a non-issue.  He hasn’t lost his edge either, he still comes with the most creative Dancehall lyrics that I’ve heard in a long time.  Big Up Sample King, Elijah, Mally Bless (Sons of the Most High), Cyberg and Tonya P who performed as well and to anyone else I might have forgotten!  I must admit, it was nice having a beautiful songstress in the studio to balance up the ‘bag a man’ and DJs!

FNR__07.19.13 017
Big Up all the guest Sounds – Lion Heart, Silver Bullet (Snyper), Rootsman (Gary) and Hollow Point Sound (Dino and Hype Ras)!  Big Up promoters Rally Benz, Gary (Jamaican Boyz) and Benjamin!  Sound System Fridays – what a party! (no one warned me, LOL), vibes were nice and everyone that was drinking handled their alcohol – a big man ting!  Listen and/or watch the show! – pay particular attention to the interview (near the end of the show), you’ll gain insight to Bassline’s philosophies and the people behind the Sound.  Enjoy the Podcast!  Next week we welcome…Diplomat Sound!

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