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Diplomat was booked in advance and was suppose to be our guest Sound for Friday’s broadcast of Sound System Fridays, but, with little notice, I received a call from DJ D.O.C. informing me that they would have to cancel due to a last minute booking (paid gig) at Luxy and that they would like to reschedule at a later date.  He then told me that he had arranged for Super Fresh (Prophet + Milo) and LP International (Polly) to replace his Sound.  Cool!  The pressure was off and I was looking forward to the combination of these two Sounds playing together.

Super Fresh was a no-show (for reasons unexplained) and LP International’s Polly Famous was fine with that.  When it comes to playing, Polly is like a kid in a candy store.  By the end of the show, he had struck up a deal with Mega to do the ‘early warm’ for the Dub Fi Dub – Young Hawk vs Soul Survival clash.  Good for Polly!  He bragged and boasted about not repeating any material from his earlier appearance on Sound System Fridays (06.07.13) and stayed true to his word.  His box runs deep!

Hearing LP’s dubs is always a treat!  There’s not much I can say when it comes to reviewing this show.  Polly is a showman and is one of the best in the business.  He just needs his dubs and a mic and he’s set to go – be prepared to either laugh  or ball over, it all depends on Polly’s mood as he is playing.  The cheering, jabbing and offending is all part and parcel of the Polly Famous experience.

And yes, Polly calls every Sounds name – whether good or bad, and no, no one is spared!  He fearlessly and effortlessly challenges them to respond, even going as far as inviting them down to the ReggaeManiaRadio studio, if they dared, right then and there.  It’s as almost as if he’s looking for instant action!  Mostly throughout the show, Polly was preoccupied with promoting his own Sound clash – Call Di Undataker of which I will be hosting.  For Polly, this clash has already started – he needn’t reserve one speech…LOL.  In the end maybe it was for the best that Super Fresh didn’t show up, this allowed Polly freedom to create and totally immerse himself in his craft, he even dropped a few lyrics here and there too – woi!!!  There were a few guests in the studio, Big Up Michael ‘Stullarific’ Hazel and his friend – longtime fans and supporters of ReggaeMania and Sound System Fridays as well as Mega (Promoter) and the others!  All in all, I couldn’t have asked for anything better.  Enjoy the Podcast!

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P.S. You can now find these Podcasts on iTunes – Just type ‘ReggaeMania Radio’ into their search bar.

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