Friday Night ReggaeMania Radio Show Podcast 08.16.13

FNR_08.16.13 609 This was by far, one of my favourite Sound System Fridays shows!  It featured Cumtraxx Sound with special guests Killamanjaro and LP International.  Cumtraxx arrived late, but, got to work right away – tings heat up!  This crew was hyped from the get go knowing that they would be playing alongside Jaro and LP.  They set the tone for the night – pure clash vibes.  Cumtraxx is a young Sound, but, don’t underestimate them.  Even though they are still trying to find their place in the Sound clash fraternity, MC Bones and DJ Dave are ready, willing and able.  Together, they compliment each other – this was evident throughout the night.  They put on a solid show! FNR_08.16.13 613 Big Up the whole Cumtraxx crew – Crazy Bones, Dave, Stullen and Birdman!  Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to interview Cumtraxx Sound this time around due to time constraints – both guest Sounds still had to play.  The vibes between Cumtraxx and myself were a likkle awkward at the beginning.  A year ago, I found myself in a Brampton barber shop debating the name of their Sound with them.  Who in the Dancehall scene would name their Sound ‘Cumtraxx’?  I then learned that one of the owners last name is Cummings, hence, Cumtraxx – LOL!  Oh what a night…the studio and hallway were packed and the vibes were jus’ right.  Cumtraxx wanted to stay and play longer, but, had to hightail it out of there as they had a paying gig. FNR_08.16.13 642 Next up – Killamanjaro!  This Sound was repped by Papa Jaro (owner), Freddy Krueger and MapHead.  Once they touched the mic and CDJs, tings blast off!  Not only did Jaro drop wicked dubs, they got into the clash spirit too and started to trash talk individual members of Super Fresh and LP International – their adversaries for Call Di Undataker Sound clash the following night.  It was all in good fun.  The vibes in the studio were at an all time high and Jaro showed no signs of slowing down – they had a whole heap o’ dubs. FNR_08.16.13 681 Last but not least, LP International – Polly Famous at the controls with Puma (owner) in the wings observing.  Once Polly started, pure joke ting run.  I couldn’t help myself, I was laughing my head off and I noticed Papa Jaro from time to time was too.  That was the most I had seen Papa Jaro smile.  Good for Polly! FNR_08.16.13 689 When all was said and done, the show was a great success!  The chat room participants who usually criticize one thing or another had nothing to come with.  There were no guest artistes present, but, it really didn’t matter as the night belonged to the Sound systems.  Our listenership and viewership numbers spiked – go figure!  This always seems to happen when Polly Famous is playing.  Big Up Cumtraxx, Killamanjaro and LP International – May the best Sound win!  Big Up all the guests that passed through too – Michael ‘Stullarific’ Hazel, Angelina Montana (Rudeboy Sound), Mark A (clash critic – NY, see interview), Yutan, Fire Briggs, Chris Dubbs, Uncle Ice, David and the very beautiful, Delicate Fiinechina! FNR_08.16.13 661 PART TWO

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