Friday Night ReggaeMania Radio Show Podcast 08.23.13

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Our Sound System Fridays show was put together at the last minute due to a cancellation.  In the end, things worked out well.  I would like to thank Mystic Sound, Super Fresh and Total Eclipse for coming through and for gracing our ReggaeMania Radio studio.  All three Sounds had little prep time, but, managed to pull it off.

The night got off to a rocky start – tech wise.  All of the laptops in the studio started to display problems.  Super Fresh were up first – their laptop refused to load up.  They later left the studio without rebooting it.  Mystic’s computer did not read my Serato.  I then hooked up their external drive to my Mac only to have it crash minutes later.  It was time to start over, reboot…Things went smoothly from here on in.  Mystic provided us with an entertaining thirty minute set – DJ Fabian at the controls and MC Tyrone showcasing his own stylee – swagga and comedy.  A unique style, which, according to Tyrone, has been adapted by Polly Famous.

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Super Fresh then did their interview.  I invited them down to personally congratulate them on their performance at ‘Call Di Undataker’ – they won the first two rounds of a three round clash featuring the mighty Killamanjaro and LP International before popping down in the ‘chune fi chune’ round.  Their performance was inspirational.  Big Up Double Six and Prophet for passing through!

Next up, Total Eclipse featuring MC/DJ Mega.  I hadn’t heard him play in years, he impressed me!  Mega is a soft spoken individual, but, once he’s infront of CDJs and you hand him a mic, it’s over – he turns into a musical madman (with no disrespect!).  Mega is a good story.  After studying his craft and continuing to believe in himself, he has taken Total Eclipse Sound to a new level – from a basement Sound, to a Sound with a bright future.  Enjoy the Podcast!
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P.S. You can now find these Podcasts on iTunes – Just type ‘ReggaeMania Radio’ into their search bar.
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