Friday Night ReggaeMania Radio Show Podcast 09.06.13

Our one-year anniversary show was a blast despite last minute bookings the day of!  Yes, it’s been a whole year since Sound System Fridays was launched – what a year!   A big ‘thanks’ goes out to all of the Sounds that represented – in order of appearance…Gideon Sound (DJ Culcha), Klymaxx Sound (Gary, Specialis, Squidly and Fada Digital), Heavyweight Sound (Ringo and Ron-C), Chris Dubbs (CIUT – Morning Ride), Lexus Supreme (Dyce Locke) and Heatwave (Spragga Roots) who showed up but didn’t play.

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Gideon Sound started the show with some great new music – 45’s as well as dubs.  When it comes to the International Dancehall Scene, DJ Culcha is always on the up and up and had plenty to chat bout.  He not only played well, he informed us too!  Culcha appeared to be having lots of fun and even stuck around after his segment was done to network and socialise in the hallway.  Culcha is part of the Rebel Music radio show, heard live on ReggaeMania Radio and Regent Radio every Thursday from 7:30 – 10:00 PM.

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Klymaxx Sound was up next.  This crew was riding high – not only were they invited to come down and play on ReggaeMania Radio for our first anniversary, but, they had just found out that they were added to the Fully Loaded Metamorphosis Sound clash (Friday, December 6, 2013 @ On The Rox) roster as the fourteenth Sound!  Klymaxx would also be clashing the following week at the Rising Stars Sound clash @ Hickory House, so, at the very least, this would be good practice for them.  This opportunity allowed them to show ‘all’ that their dub box is indeed ‘deep’ and that they have speeches to spare despite the upcoming clash.  Big Up Klymaxx Sound, you never fail to represent!

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Next in line, Heavyweight Sound.  A Sound that was one of Scarborough’s biggest Sounds back in the day, they even gave King Turbo and Red Flame a run for their money.  Heavyweight took us back to the glory days and dropped dubs from the 90s – it was a real pleasure to see them in action and to hear them too!  Their set was steady.  It’s almost as if they were playing it safe for their first appearance on ReggaeMania Radio, which by the way, is okay if they were.

At the end of their performance, I heard Ron-C say “That was fun”, he had a smirk on his face – telling.  We will be seeing more of Heavyweight Sound in the future, it’s just a matter of time.  Having said that, I am pleased to announce the return of Heavyweight Sound – they are back and ready for hire!  While juggling for now, they will continue to rebuild their box and re-enter the dubplate business to the point of satisfaction, then hopefully we’ll see them back in the Sound clash arena.  Big Up Ron-C and Ringo!  Welcome back Heavyweight!

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Up next, Chris Dubbs.  He represented with a nice set of music and played some pretty good dubplates too.  I remember Chris telling me after that people had no idea that he even had any dubs let alone being a serious collector of them.  Little did they know, that Chris, who appears to be harmless and humble, is actually a monster!  Sorry to bus your ‘secret’ Chris, but, you are no longer ‘moving in silence’ (LOL), everybody knows now that you are collecting dubs to ‘kill’ Sounds sooner or later!  Big Up Chris, I look forward to seeing you in Sound clash action!

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Last but not least, Big Up Dyce Locke!  He anchored the show with some artical Lexus Supreme dubplates backed by honest speeches.  He targeted Sounds that just sit on their arsenal of dubplates and don’t clash with any consistency.  Dyce knows who he was referring to…it still seems like only a short time has passed since he was a member of the mighty King Turbo Sound.  I’m sure there are some mixed feelings as he eventually left and joined Lexus Supreme.

I liked Dyce Locke’s attitude, he is young and rarin’ to go – ready to clash!  Ironically, that night, he insisted that I add Lexus Supreme as the fifteenth Sound for Fully Loaded Metamorphosis.  I told him to talk to Bling (owner) first as I was sure he would see things differently and would not allow Lexus Supreme to participate.  No need to say in the end who was right – LOL. Big Up Dyce Locke same way!  That’s what I’m talking about, real soundmen who are ready to clash at will because it’s in their blood!  Big Up Fine China whose vibe and simple presence in the studio niced up the place!  Big Up DJ Soul Sista who also passed through for a visit too!   I had fun and so did everyone else in the studio and hallway.  Here’s to our second-year!  Enjoy the Podcast!
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P.S. You can now find these Podcasts on iTunes – Just type ‘ReggaeMania Radio’ into their search bar.

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