Friday Night ReggaeMania Radio Show Podcast 12.14.12

King Turbo is more than just a sound, they are an enterprise, an organization and most importantly, a very tight knit family. I first want to big up Slingshot, Mr. King Turbo himself, the big boss, founder of the sound, the elder of the sound and the DJ that played the majority of the music this December 14th. What can I say…as expected, King Turbo “brought it” from start to finish presenting one of the better shows seen so far on Sound System Fridays.

The night, for King Turbo, wasn’t going to be just about playing music, King Turbo, veterans in the radio broadcasting business themselves wanted to engage in discussion about the dancehall scene in general and where their sound currently stands. I had no problems with this, although my rule usually is for a sound to play what they want and say what they want, it’s ‘their’ show from the time the first song begins.

Big Up King Turbo as well for having their complete crew represent inside our ReggaeManiaRadio studio, including Spex from G98.7 who showed up, hung out and hit the mic with Slingshot. Being present tonight endorsed the fact that Spex is still a part of the crew despite having success as a solo radio show host – “Spex Da Boss”.

Jahmin was in the house as well – now relieved of his MC duties for King Turbo, it was great to see him jus’ go with the flow now that the pressure was off. It turned him into a happier person (LOL). Big Up Cess (next to arrive after Slingshot), Suspense (promotional/bookings), Capleton (The Referee – marketing specialist) and Fatal (selector), who spun tunes in the overtime segment with King Turbo!

And of course, big ups to the newest member of King Turbo – King Sharpe (formerly of Desert Storm). Too me, King Sharpe is the “black sheep” of the King Turbo family. Yes, he has been recruited to MC the sound, but, it’s just so clear that compared to all of the other members of King Turbo, King Sharpe has a whole different swagger and he’s on a different planet, perhaps Jupiter or Mars. LOL!

King Sharpe definitely balances out King Turbo, but, he’s still adjusting to fitting in with his new family. Sharpe is gonna bus’ if he doesn’t clash somebody soon. He’s so anxious, knowing King Turbo’s dub box is now one of the strongest in all of North America and guess who has complete control!


This show needs to be heard and seen! The audio and video is here for your pleasure so eat it up! Judge for yourself. On a final note…they set the new record for most viewers watching most consistently as well as the most people listening to RMR.FM during Sound System Fridays and for the fastest rising listenership from the show start time! It was exactly what I had expected from King Turbo. Enjoy the podcast!

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