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It is impossible to speak of Sound Clash in Toronto and Canada and not talk about Super Fresh Sound.  This high energy Canadian war sound was created in 1991 by founding members Double Six aka Father Six and DJ ShortMan (currently residing in Jamaica).  Later, Prophet, Fire Kid Steenie (now solo) and Milo were added to the sound.

Many people know of my dark history with Super Fresh.  To put it bluntly, if King Turbo (I use them as an example because everyone knows they are my favourite Canadian sound ) is the ‘light’, then Super Fresh is the ‘dark’ – too me.

That is not a diss to Super Fresh, it’s just a fact – back in the day, this sound and I had our differences.  I was an upcoming pivotal clash promoter as well as a popular Friday Night radio DJ and because I showed a bias towards King Turbo, Super Fresh became more motivated to prove that it didn’t matter what I or King Turbo thought, as far as they were concerned, they WERE the clash ‘kings’ and they would keep clashing to prove it.

The unfortunate thing about all of this is that the era of sound clash where all this was happening was gun infested. Despite an industry that was rich and exciting, the danger element was the regularly occurring gunplay that was occurring inside the clash zones and regular 90’s dancehall warehouses, basements and nightclubs everywhere.

Today’s newer clash patrons may not believe it, but, in the mid to late 90’s, if you attended a weekly Wednesday Reggae night at a club on Midland Avenue in Scarborough, you could sit and watch the ‘fireworks’ after any dance.  So many people were carrying guns back then that people would just shoot them off (into the air) as they exited – showing no fear.

Gunplay would erupt there and many other places that hosted Reggae and Dancehall events.  It was so common after a while that people stopped running when they heard shots go off in the dances.  Some just stood there and waited for a man to finish firing off or some would slowly exit trying not to show any fear as they slipped out of the dance.

Those were some gloomy times and myself, as well as Super Fresh, King Turbo and Black Reaction lived through those times.  Dancehall was our livelihood; there was no going around it.  I can also say today, that on behalf off all the aforementioned sounds, we are very grateful for life and we are humbled to have survived through those times.

As far as Super Fresh and I are concerned, nobody would have thought that there would be a day where we would be united, to the degree of where the show that just took place last Friday at Sound System Fridays could happen. Aside from a little too much gay bashing, Super Fresh Sound, with a little assistance from Lindo P., pulled off an amazing show.  I enjoyed being in the ‘dark’ (LOL), as the vibe in the studio was great from start to finish.

Super Fresh brought their entire arsenal, Fadda Six, Prophet, Milo and guests De Easy (Lexus Superior) and Lindo P..  Despite the quality of the conversations, we kept the talking short in this show, as Super Fresh were delivering tunes from start to finish and having fun doing it.  When De Easy and Milo arrived, vibes tun up and when Lindo P. walked in the place, it was over!

You have to watch and listen for yourselves, as Super Fresh went into overtime, delivering five hours of solid dubs and tunes and live performances that will impress even the most critical.  Big Up Super Fresh! – it seems preparation paid off for them and I wish them luck on their next venture.  Now, I await DJ Tyrone this Friday, wonder what he’s gonna do?…I know he’s gonna bring it!

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