See Hot Pics, Videos & Review of Kranium Live @ Nugget Banquet Hall 06.02.17

Kranium performed live at Nugget Banquet Hall last Friday June 2nd.  The show was well attended, I’d say between 500 – 600 people were in attendance to see Kranium alongside show openers Shalli, DJ C Bird & RPM Band – plus music by King Turbo, Tasha Rozez, Chippy (Military), Street Team and DJ Oshawn. Kranium fans, just like in the case with the Popcaan show just past, had to wait until about 2:40am before Kranium finally took the stage.

Kranium performed for what seemed about 35 – 40 minutes, and he didn’t have much room to move on the relatively small stage due to it being littered with media and VIP’s.  The crowd responded well to his performance, even though it didn’t go over so well with Kranium himself who on several occasions apologized for the lack of vibes due to the absence of his own personal band who were not on the show.  He was careful not to personally dis the band members behind him, but it was clear he was put off by their level of performance despite the short notice they may have been given.

I doubt it will ever happen, but Kranium stated several times to the audience that he would return to Toronto to do a ‘free’ show as a make-up for things not being up to standards inside Nugget.  Nevertheless, the show itself that Kranium did was a pass, although he did let the vibes get to him as he seemed tired and laid back throughout the majority of his performance.  The audience though were very forgiving, and most people enjoyed the show despite it’s problems, and wouldn’t leave the venue afterwards because they still wanted to party.  Big up to the promoters and early performers and sound men and women who all made this party the good time that it was.

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