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Sponsoring a Page is a really cool way to expose your business or service as well as a great marketing-branding opportunity. Sponsorships can be seen as an endorsement of a favorite or popular website Page or some of the content within it. The sponsor, in essence, chooses to associate themselves with their “Page of choice” for what could be a variety of reasons.

How It Works

When a visitor mouses over the Sponsor logo or Page Sponsor Text Link, a short mouse over text info-link is displayed that advertises the sponsor info in brief. Clicking on the Sponsor Logo opens an exclusive new Page or website belonging to that particular Page Sponsor.

What Are The Terms Of Page Sponsorship

Sponsorships have 5 levels, each priced separately. Prices are subjected to change.

What Pages Are Available For Sponsorship

Many Pages are still available for sponsorships at Sponsorships of Pages are issued on a first paid first serve basis. The general rule here is – if you see a Page you like and would like to sponsor, then simple Contact Us, we’ll take care of everything from there.

Click here see our per-page sponsorship rate card.