See Pics, Video, Review of Royalty 5-Year Anniversary Party & Awards & Clash @ Timeout Restore Lounge 02.25.17

On Saturday February 25th inside Mississauga’s Timeout Restore Lounge, a little under a hundred people witnessed the Royalty Sound 5-Year Anniversary, an All Day Party, Award Ceremony & “Ice Cold Killin'” Sound Clash featuring Love People vs. Little Thunder vs. King Klepto (hosted by Bigga Boss & Bumpy Rage). The event was not short of Sounds – providing music at the event were Royalty, Platinum (Montreal), LP International (Polly Famous), Warlock, Soul Survival, Black Magic, Twin Star Int., DJ Mischief, Lady Killa, and Lady Savage (Montreal & NYC).

The rather fast-moving Award Ceremony was originally scheduled for 9 PM (but that kicked off near midnight) was designed to pay tribute to Sounds, Hosts, Disc Jockeys, Artists and more. Our incomplete list of Award winners include Devon Irie, Bigga Boss (best custom artist), Polly Famous, Chucky Star (best mixer with coordination), Tasha Rozez (most traveled female veteran), Dave from Cummtrax (most consistent Sound), Mystic, and Michie Mischief (most improved).

The “Ice Cold Killin Sounclash” saw Little Thunder dropping out first, after playing well in the first Round but flopping later after failing to stand up to King Klepto (with MC Scorpion formerly of Radication Sound) in some unscheduled second and third Round Vybz Kartel dubplate showdowns. When the smoke cleared, Little Thunder couldn’t keep up to King Klepto’s Kartels, and were finished by Round Three’s end.  

Love People played consistent throughout all Rounds of the Clash.  Their best exposure to date was in last year’s US Rumble eliminations, and they have been to Toronto previously, losing to Brimstone Gold as well as Blackz Dun Da Place (not sure what Sound he was on at the time lol). When Love People went up against King Klepto, things came down to a Best out of 7 tune-fi-tune.

After Love People won the first tune, King Klepto would come back, keep things neck to neck, before squeezing through with a 4-3 victory and championship trophy. Of course, there would always be some controversy, because while we can big up King Klepto for the win, some will always question whether that sound really earned it with audiences that could be accused of home town bias. Anyway, a win is a win, and in this business when time goes by, nobody remembers who comes in second.

In the end, the Royalty 5-Year Anniversary Party was a good attempt, and you can never go wrong on spending money to promote your own brand – in this case the young and uprising “Royalty Sound”.  I missed the event personally but I’ll say thanks here to Thunda for putting in a decent effort to making it all come together, and to paparazzi Fine Chinna (she was there) – couldn’t do this report without you!

Ron Nelson



Pics and Videos courtesy of Fine Chinna

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