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The Modern Warfare Soundclash was interesting to say the least, taking place Friday January 31st at Hickory House in Scarborough. With a re-vamped lineup, this clash that was supposed to be a 4-sound clash featuring Excel 1 Sound Vs. Mystic Vs. Cumtraxx Vs. Twin Star, but after Mystic and Excel 1 “dropped out”, Rebel Tone, with little time to prepare, was slotted in to replace them, now making it a 3-way clash .  Despite all the commotion, it seemed people were just hungry for a war, and about 160 people would make it out to Hickory House to experience Modern Warfare on a fairly good weather night.


The clash kicked off minutes after at 1am (early juggling by Noble Works), with Newby being the first sound up in a first of two no-elimination 20-min per sound Rounds. The massive, ready for vibes, would give him solid support throught this Round.  Just like in Modern Warfare, Newby announced to the crowd “mi win!” both before and after his first couple of tunes, but the crowd didn’t go for it like they did at Tapout  and offered no response. Newby also began stressing to the crowd that he’d just heard about the clash “last night”, and with little time to prepare, still took the dance verses running from the opportunity like other sounds would have done given the same scenario.  He dissed Cumtraxx verbally but not properly, not like he did with Sniper micsman “Cutthroat” at “Tapout”.

Newby gained a several forwards in his 20-minutes set, but with five minutes left in the Round, still hadn’t unleashed his most lethal dubs, a purposeful tactic perhaps since the first (and second) Round was no-elimination and the massives were still piling into the clash. Newby, fresh of his “Tapout”  Soundclash  victory over Sniper Sound,  referenced his win with a bit of humbility,  perhaps aware of the fact that the audience knew it was a walk over clash, unlike Modern Warfare which would offer a higher level of difficulty.

Newby’s  first statement tune was a response to him “suspiciously” being booked at last minute’s notice for Modern Warfare, a Sizzla (“Even Though Dem Set Dem Trap But They Just Can’t Stop You Now” ), a Rebel Tone Pinchers Anthem (“Go Bury Dem Again”) and an ARP  dub responding to Newbys stating that he “just got booked for the clash last night 9pm”, (“Well It’s Killing, Well You Know Rebel Tone is Willing,  Cumtraxx – There  Goes Your Battyman Crew…“). Newby got a nice forward for this tune, and it was the first customized dub for the night pulled up right after calling the Cumtraxx name. He followed it up with his classic Uton Green, (“Can’t Tek Di Boom Boom Ra Ta Ta Ta Blang Blang, Rebel Tone Him A Guh Kill Another Jump Pan”) – another forward!.

Newby played Sizzla  (“Got It Right Here”), and some nice Buju Banton (“Sound Fi Dead, Rebel Tone Yuh Nah Save Nuh Lead…”).  He also got a few laughs from his story about “taking a piss” in the bathroom minutes earlier, only to have one of the Cumtraxx selector man dem come try “chat” to him while he’s pissing, apparently bragging about the fact that they, Cumtraxx, knew all about the New Kidz dubs that Newby had cut the same day in Yard. States Newby, “Big up man who don’t chat to man when dema  piss!”.

Rebel Tone continued with some ganja tunes, dropping a Tony Curtis/Harry Toddler combo (”We Rollin – If  You Smoke Like I Smoke Then You High Like Everyday)”, some Brigadeer (“It Haffi Bun!”), and a mellow outta tune dub I think featuring Ghost or an imitation artist (“Rebel Tone is Not Afraid To Try”). These vibes were too mellow for me. Next came Nanko (“Badluck For You, Cause You Don’t Have A Woman To Go Home To, Rebel Tone Tek Weh All You A Woman”), and Triston Palmer  “Entertainment – Killing A Soundboy is Rebel Tone Enjoyment, Soundboy you Dead Inna Di Dance Di Dance Di Dance, Rebel Tone Kill Your Sound”.

Rebel Tone played some Richie Spice (“Rebel Tone Tell Them I Don’t Like The Way  There’ Playing…Blood Again”), before some Mad Cobra picked up the tempo again (“Right Ya Now We Bus Wi Owna AK” / “But What Di Bloodclaat Yuh Know Bout Gun..” This was a good forward, the Riddim was hype and the dance was now officially nice. Next was a Bounty-Vybz Kartel-Mavado medley (“Shut Di Fuck Up/Vybz Kartel/Mavado(Dreaming-Real McCoy). Rebel Tone, watching the clock, asked how much time was left, and was told two or three minutes.  Newby’s response, “Two – three minutes…A dat unno use pon yuh gyal, a wah u a do”. We heard a nice New Kids/Munga combo (“Dem Sound Dem Nuh Bad Like I….”) to end off he Round. Overall, the Modern Warfare crowd enjoyed Newby’s first well-paced first Round, giving him confidence moving forward in the clash.


MC Bonez, DJ Dave, Fire Biggs, Newton, Oniel, Byrd – the entire Cumtraxx Sound was up next, with DJ Dave on the ones and twos and  MC Crazy Bonez on the mic. Bonez has made it tradition to start off his sets with pure speech without music, and the case would be the same at Modern Warfare, where he spent the first few minutes of his 20-minute set attacking Newby for saying that he had won the clash after playing his first couple of tunes, and instructing Newby to return the trophy (which he had moved over to his corner) back to the original neutral position where it had been placed before. Newby complied, and in front of all fans, moved back back trophy, a good look for Cumtraxx.

Bonez stated that Mystic had “run” from the clash, and “Exile 1” had also ran, and that selector Jr. D (Twin Star) a “hide”.  The clock kept running without a tune played, as Bonez addressed Newby as a “new kid on block” selector, stating that his recent “Tapout” victory was tainted, and that unlike Sniper Sound, Cumtraxx doesn’t “borrow selector”, cause him “a badman selector”. Then finally, tune, Luciano (“I Man Ago Farm In The Hills” -a nice forward) and Johnny Osbourne’s (Ice Cream Sound dub).  The dubs sounded good on the set, but initial fan response was average at the most. Still the Sound performed with confidence, dancing, skanking to their dubs, not minding the occasionally muted crowd.

Cumtraxx scored good forwards with a Patexxx specialized dub dissing Mystic, Twin Star and Rebel Tone for “running” from Modern Warfare “before the first shot fire” (people liked that)! Besides, the Riddim (Lord Royal Riddim) sounded phat and livened up the place, a big forward.  The Patexxx customized dub was a “Royal” cover (“Anything Violate Cumtraxx Sound Di Sound A Get Murder /And We Don’t Care/ You See Bonez Kill Sound Everywhere….), and got Cumtraxx their first big forward for the night.  Bonez then dissed Rebel Tone for literally “retiring” since winning World Clash trophy for Canada, unlike Cumtraxx who would “war everybody”.

Cumtraxx could’ve used more fan support in their Round, the massive didn’t give them enough credit.  We heard some Freddie McGregor (Murder Idiot Sound), Johnny Osbourne, Javinci (“Just Get The Remedy” – an outta tune dub played too long), some Quenchaid (“Never Seen So Many Peple Beat Down The Fence To Come In”) and with about 40 seconds remaining,  Cumntraxx ended their first Round with their “Angola – Dem A Kill Dem Sounds Yah” Jah Bouks anthem dub.  I’ll give Cumtraxx credit for pacing themselves well to get the crowd’s respect in this Round. Their one Patexxx dub may have been enough to erase the rest of their Round which musically was just average.  But looking around the dance, it was clear that Newby’s corner, so very lively earlier, now seemed “neutralized” by the  confidence of Cumtraxx and their aggressive sounding MC.


The final sound to play Round 1 was Twin Star.  I’m sure many were surprised to see selector Jr. D stick to MC’ing while promoter-turned selector  “Peeazo” playing the one’s and two’s.  Twin Star, in their first official clash, had a bit of a slow start, but after a few minutes, the crowd warmed up with the Sound. Twinn Star started off their first Round with Luciano (“Thank You”) then Bushman (“Fire Pon A Weak Sound”).  More people were in the venue now, and the Twin Star massive made it clear that they were in the place armed with their own whistles and noisemakers.

Small forwards were received for starter dubs such as  “Alterior Motive” (Luciano), and Sizzla “Positively Clear”/”B’woy Violate And Get Shot Inna Dem Heart ”(I-Octane).  I thought it was funny when Jr. D bigged up Newby for showing up (with short notice) to Modern Warfare, but stamped his point by stating to Newby that he didn’t want to hear any more about it for the “rest of the night”. He also dissed  Cumtraxx and Rebel  Tone  by dropping a few coins that he had in his pocket onto the dancefloor, and describing  the jingling noise made as what their Rounds sounded like – “jingles – a jingles the man dem a play”, stated Jr. D.  A big Tarrus Riley “Gimme Likke One Drop” dub followed up the gimmick (“We A Kill Dem With Just One Shot – Look Pon Dem Forehead, a Pure Red Dot.”), then a Luciano – “We Give Them A Cedar Board For Dem Casket, Another Soundboy  Kick Di Bucket”), and a Cobra (“Dem Tink A Little Gun Twin Star Ago Buss…..Run off Yu Mouth and get your …”) that went over well.

Jr. D, hampered by a weak quality mic, seemed unconcerned about Cumtraxx for the majority of his Round, and instead chose to focus on Newby, reminding him that on this night, there would be no “walkover ting”.  Next, he requested for Peeazo to play “Shabba from intro”, and asked the massive, “People, if you want Newby dead, say dead!” – the entire place, feeling the vibes of the clash, responed with a solid cry of “Dead”! Then came the Shabba “Dem A Guh Dead Inna Di War” dub. This was a good look for Twin Star.  Then came Buju – (“Sound Bwoy Run Up Inna Mi Gun Get His Headback Shot Off…”), followed by some Bounties, then another Cobra (“Pussy Wah Uno Know Bout War- Don’t Diss Twin Star … Suck You Modda), girls liked that.  A Patexxx (Rise Up The/No Time Fi Talk)was then directed to Cumtraxx, Jr. D reminding them that he was using their “own artist” to diss them.

Twin Star moved dubs fast once getting comfortable in Round One.  Not sparing much musically, more big dubs (compared to the quality of dubs heard so far in the clash) were dropped in quick fashion,  some I-Octane (“No Bwoy Can Romp Wid Twin Star like Dem Play Wid Dem Katty” ), Mavado (“Can’t Tek My Life, Can’t Tek My Soul…”), and some Black Ryno(“Fraid A Wi”).  Jr. proved to be a comedian himself, attacking Newby for a limited dub collection, and dissing him for playing a 2002 “Anger  Management” Riddim in a 2014 “Modern Warfare” Soundclash. Overall, it was a decent Round for Twin Star, and playing last in the order of Sounds may have proven to advantage them. Now it was voting time.

MC-Host Fabo Vibes (just back from Jamaica and glowing from a Caribbean suntan) seemed a bit humbler than his past self,  and managed to steady down to keep things in control after being a bit nervous at the start.  The voting was done twice. Newby got the least amount of votes, and would not win Round One.  Cumtraxx got a good series of cheers and noise from fans, and Twin Star was relatively the same.  This Round could’ve gone to either one of these sounds based on audience response (you could’ve flipped a coin), but the “right” decision was made by awarding the Round to Twin Star.  Interestingly, there was no booing or heckling after this news was announced. Besides, both Newby and Cumtraxx would be given “second life”, as it was a no-elimination Round, and the people were feeling vibes.


If soundclash was like professional sports, Newby, at the start of his Round 2, would have to be issued a minor penalty for “stalling”.  I say this because people who were paying attention to the clock around me were grunting the fact that Newby was still talking without his first tune played, and four minutes had gone by on the scoreboard clock for all to see.  He would spend a lot of time harping on the “fact” that the event promoters (Twin Star Sound), had booked him for the clash literally the “night before” the event,  this  after Mystic and Excel 1 Sounds dropped out. Tactically, Newby (knowing that Twin Star were also promoters of the clash) pressed the fact that the promoters when hiring him, stated repeatedly  that Modern Warfare would “pop down” unless he agreed to be a part of it. He also criticized the clash trophy, stating that it would be the “smallest one to fit inna mi closet”.

Newby played a R&B styled dub soon after with a female artist nobody knew that called Cumtraxx and Twin Star’s name. He then dropped some Freddy  McGregor (“Rebel Tone ago Drown Dem Inna Di Ocean…And We Nuh Want No Commotion”). There was some Wayne Wonder (“Everybody’s Calling Your  Name…Watching All the Dubs That You Play…Soundbwoy You Can’t Always Test Rebel Tone…”),
some Spragga Benz ”We Have We Owna Image, We Nuh Chase Like Nuh Gal, Soundbwoy Fi Know Seh Rebel Tone Exceptional…”), some Bounty (“You Dead This Time…We Have A Gun Name Seek And Find…How You Fi Diss Rebel Tone With Weapons Like These…” / “This A Rebel Tone Wah Nobody Can Kill and Win World Clash And Deh At The Top Still….”), and some Buju (“We A Beat Dem To the Beng Beng To the Ben Beng…”).

Some of these tunes may have been big in the Rebel Tone box but they were getting little to no response from the massive. Newby, noticing this, reverted back to using speech as his primary tactical weapon. As time ticked by, he bawled about the Audio System, stating that he wanted the bass to sound “nice” like when he started his first Round, and bawled “fowl” to the promoters once more, “suspicious” as to how they could’ve booked him for a “set-up” clash tactically with only a day’s notice, yet possessing in their collection customized dubplates designed to kill him at Modern Warfare that in theory, could only have been customized with the past 24 hrs.

Newby, frustrated, went back to tunes, stating he’d just play “some of di songs dem that a mash up Jamaica”. Yet the momentum kept swinging up and down as some of Newby’s juggling appeared rocky and mistimed and just like his speech, not winning over the the crowd, who were fairly quiet compared to his Round One response. Newby appeared tired and a bit puzzled after this Round, but he did bring things up a notch dubwise in his final few mintes.

Hilight Dubs from Newby’s Round include Romain Virgo (“Rebel Tone Kill A Sound Dem Bwoy Deh Sawta / Rebel Tone Kill Another Sound Again…Another Selector Just Shame “ ), Konshens  “Pray To The Father” dub (“Keep Badmind Outta Mi Heart”), a Nature dub (“Don’t You Know Rebel Tone A Revolution Sound”), a next artist  (“Rebel Tone is – Badder Than Your Sound – Rebel Tone Will Throw A Soundbwoy Down”), and George Nooks (”You Know U Know U Know You know You know…A Rebel Tone Kill The General”).  Newby bragged about his fearlessness by taking the clash with only a night’s notice,  states Newby, “A which selector tek clash one day before di dance?”, and followed it up with Louie Culture (“ Rebel Tone No Fear No Sound No We Don’t Fear”).  He also made the point that all those who believe “Rebel Tone have no tune” a “bloodclaat idiot…play unno big songs dem, then unno just boil down”.

Newby played a classic Brigadeer Jerry (“Rebel Tone A Di Ruffest Sound To Play Rub A Dub Inna Canada USA…”), some Conrad Krystal (“Rebel Tone Ago Kill Dem Now, Before It Get’s To Late… Rebel Tone Will Never Die..”), some Boom Dynamite/New Kids, directed at promoters trying to “trick” him, (“Sound Boy You Scander Money A Lot”), some Boom Dynamite  (“ Blood A Run Through The City Like Duns River Falls”, some Spragga Benz (“Tonight You A Guh Die, Pussy!”), and Nitty Kutchie (“The More Dem Fight We The More Mi Get Stronger”).

The Cummtraxx dubs sounded good on the System, cut well  – they sounded proper, and the mic sounded nice too, better than Twin Star’s.  The entire squad was composed,  calm and cool, competing yes, but also having fun, despite losing a close first Round.  More of the Cumtraxx fans had arrived in the clash, and people generally were looking forward to hearing this sound without a bias.  Round highlights include MC Bonez criticizing Newby for “chatting out” his first Round and “bawling like a little bitch”.       and for Newby being motivated by money and greed. Earlier in the dance, Newby had stated that on this night he would get “all the money” (for winning Modern Warfare), and that Cumtraxx would get “none”.  Cumtraxx addressed this as well, Bonez stating; “Newby, everytime you see money you get hype”!

This Round was choppy, and the tempo was erratic, and some of the dub selections were questionable for a second Round performance.  Cumtraxx seemed to have run out of speech in this Round, and had to rely on their dub collection to get them through a difficult Round.  Cumtraxx should’ve gone for the throat in this Round and focus on killing their competition, but they made the mistake of early-juggling through a Round where they should’ve rubbed some salt into some soundman wounds.  Cumtraxx Round Two dub highlights include Luciano (“Serve Jah”), Tarrus Riley (“Beware”) (“Protect This Sound Ya Jah”- got a good forward!), Kojak (“Extra Hole Inna Mi Dubplate”), Major Mackerel (“Dutty Bungle”), and a Bounty (“The Lord Is Our Light And Salvation – Who Shall I Fear” – another nice forward here).


In retrospect, this was a good Round for Twin Star, a better Round than their first winning Round.  Jr. D started off by pointing out to the crowd what Newby had “done”, speaking for four minutes to start off his round, and playing “promoter” by announcing by dictating that the “next round” would be a “singing round”.  Even though the clock was running during Twin Star’s time, it was at this point that Newby interrupted the dance by taking the mic from Twin Star to make a “complaint”. Newby was upset and threatened to “walk out” the dance because according to his statement, he wasn’t given “the rules” after being booked by the Twin Star promoters at the last minute.

States Newby; “I need the rules! All who say a true say true” – the crowd says “True”! Newby had changed up the clash here, and had intimidated the organizers by taking the mic from them at the start of their set and causing a temporary disruption in their momentum. Remember, the promoters were also the same Twin Star Sound that Newby was clashing, and that may have been key to Twin Star letting down their guard and in the end, allowing the next Round not to be an “anything goes” Round just like Newby had called for. Newby was effective in his tactic and not even the MC’s stating that the “rules” were on the flyer did not help prevent his “point” from being planted in people’s heads.

Twin Star reclaimed the mic, but only after Newby, in somewhat ignorant fashion, had made his point. Jr. D told Newby, “We ago beat you like bitch“, and “Let me show you how to kill Sounds inna bloodclaat Scarborough”, “Newby, you nuh badda dan we”, “All Who know dem nuh suck pussy like Dave and Newby – one hand!”  Jr. D commanded the mic well, and was consistently confident while mildly aggressive.  It was interesting watching Twin Star because ironically, just like with Cumtraxx, they too seemed to be having just as much fun clashing as the massive watching them clash.

Hilight dubs I remember include Luciano (“Broken Hearted Sound Bwoy”), Sizzla (“Like Mountain”),  Cobra (“Just Mek A Duppy With Mi Nine”), Bounty Killer (“Hearse/Not Another Word”/”No Arguement”/“Lodge” ), Mavado (“Twin Star We A  Action Packed” / “Lost We Lost Dem…Twin Star A Lost Dem”), Tommy Lee (described by Jr. D as “Don Rankin’s artist”), Beenieman and Bounty  (Dun Know Di Pussy Dem Nuh Like We/We Nuh Want Dem Around We”), before closing the Round with “Watch Out For This” dub (Busy Signal). By the end of this Round, it appeared to me that there may have been another momentum shift, as Twin Star had won some fans at the clash, taking them from a “next” sound.  It was now voting time, then time for Round 3.

Again, the voting at Modern Warfare was fairly swift. At the end of Round 2, Newby had gotten the least amount of votes, hardly any hands were raised by clash fans when called by the MC to indicate that Rebel Tone, in their opinion, was the winner of the Round.  Now it was Cumtraxx’s turn – and just like Newby, there were few hands raised to indicate a positive vote, so the Round would go to Twin Star, who won votes from almost everybody in the clash. This was now interesting, Twin Star, promoters of Modern Warfare, had gotten off to a great start by winning the clash’s first two Rounds.  But just like the case before, what did it all mean – Newby and Cummtraxx would once again be given new life as the clash was about to enter its first official elimination Round (15 minutes Per Sound).


Before the Round started, MC Fabo stated the the 15-minute per Sound 3rd Round was a Vocal (Singing) Round, and that he did not make the “rules” and that he was not the “judge or the juror – and try nuh let mi be the bloodclaat executioner” – a good speech.  Rebel Tone started his Round with a point to be made – he believed Cumtraxx was “gone”, and that it was he and Twin Star that should “battle it out”.  The crowd seemed to be receptive to the idea. Newby stated that “in fairness” he believed that there should be “no rules”, referring to the 3rd Round being deemed a Singing Round by the MC and promoters.  Stated Newby, “Di rules dem affi dash weh,  sound fi dead! Mi come here to kill sound, mi nuh come yah to live by nuh rules, a Rebel mi name!”

Basically, Newby informed the crowd about his theory that Modern Warfare was a “set up clash” by the Twin Star promoters who he believed tactically planned the dance, promoted it for three months, figuring that when it came crunch time and a Sound drops out, they would hire Newby as replacement, knowing that he would be less dangerous and bring less loyal Rebel Tone fans to vote for him because his name was not on the flyers.  Stated Newby, “When mi reach singing Round, mi give you singing Round! You can’t trick di people dem and an a nuh singing Round time! When uno run outta chune uno can’t trick di people dem!”  Maybe it was Rebel Tone who didn’t have the singing tunes to sustain, but this tactical move on Newby’s part changed up the clash.

Modern Warfare Sounclash_01.31.14 120
Newby started with a lame Etana dub but then things raised to a higher level with good forwards throughout his Round.  He reinforced his suspicion that his competition was involved in their biggest clash to date, and that at Modern Warfare, they were trying to get a “stripe” off his name. Stated Newby, “Nuff Sound a live pon mi name”, following up with Gregory Isaacs  (“ Pop Off Pon Mi Fender Dutty Nigger”).  This was a big forward for Newby, and another turning point in the clash. Momentum had started to shift over to the Rebel Tone side due to good juggling and good speech.

Stated Newby, “MI nuh deh pon di poster, but dem call me! – why dem call me tonight? Then came the Riker’s Island Cocoa T dub (“Sound boy come to Rebel Tone School”). States Newby “All who seh mi fi kill dem, say kill dem!”. The Super Beagle(“Rebel Tone A Guh Kill Dem, Give Dem Sumpn Give The Sumpn) came next, and it was clear that Newby was in his element. Newby’s next good speech, as he stated that Modern Warfare trophy up for grabs was purchased by the promoters themselves, “Twin Star , pussyhole, a so you wah win trophy, a Irish & Chin gimme trophy, a dem buy the trophy. Mi never buy nuh trophy and win it!” This was so funny; people were buying into the Rebel Tone humor and momentum.

Newby earned a big forward for the next track, a specialized Laden customized dub dissing both Twin Star and Cumtraxx. The tune had vibes, although most people could not recognize the artist who did not identify himself in the dub (I asked seven soundmen when the dub played who they were skanking to but nobody knew the artist).  A next very funny speech (even Newby laughed during the patter) was directed at Cumtraxx, known for their loyal fan support at local clashes, Newby stating, “Mi come here to win bloodclaat war, mi nuh nuh come here to set up war. Mi nuh bring no pot cover, mi nuh bring mi friend and cousin and auntie and mi baby modda friend dem. Mi guh anywhere guh bad. Dem only bad beside dem friend dem!”  A good Round for Rebel  Tone, even though he totally strayed  outside of the singing Round rules, it seemed possible that instead of being penalized for this, he, by swaying over the crowd, may reap some benefits.


Round Three saw Cumtraxx come out of the gate using tunes as their primary weapon, ironically though, some tough speech could’ve been effective in this Round. The juggling was not smooth enough, choppy at times, but the crowd worked with the Cumtraxx Sound, who had decided to stick to the singing Round rules even though Newby had broken them.  This was interesting, and a move that in the end may have proved fatal for Cumtraxx with time ticking away in the dance.

The truth was, it was “killing” time not “singing” time, the massive that had paid their money to come in weren’t feeling the singing tunes at this time in the morning, and the clash’s post 1am start time was proving to be a hindrance from an organizational standpoint. Cumtraxx spent most of their Round sticking to the rules and “entertaining” the crowd with their signing dubs, but time was running out in the clash, and Newby had turned the crowd around by feeding them singing tunes mixed with hardcore DJ tunes.

cumtraxxr2aDub hi-lights include:  Puddy Roots (“Dem Tring To Conquer We…But Dem Could Never Conquer Me”), the Mighty Diamonds (“When The Right Time Comes – Cumtraxx will Never Run Away”), a Nana McClean “Medley” dub, a couple of Marcia Griffiths (“Feel Like Killing / You Gotta Die Die Die Idiot Sound Bwoy” / “Cumtraxx Shall Kill, As Long As It Plays…” – on the “Answer” Riddim).

The Cumtraxx dubs were good, deep, and within the rules, but their impact seemed light, with Bonez having to use quick paced MC’ing to smother the few boos and jeers that sometimes came from the audience.  It was a hard-sell crowd, yet the young Cumtraxx Sound played their hearts out anyway, Bonez, using a Bass Odyssey Squingy style,  stating “A Singing Round This”, “We a young Sound, we nah run, only a pussy dem run”. Cumtraxx played Ernest Wilson (“Just Like The Rain”), and a Jimmy Riley (“Lookout Soundboy, It’s Gonna Get Rough”).

It was at this point, during Cumtraxx’s last few minutes of Round Three, that Newby approached me and says to me, “See how ants a bite me? Allright, now see how mi come outta di ants nest now”.  He walks away with a serious look on his face.  A few minutes later, Capleton (King Turbo MGT) walked by and comments, “Clash boring, Ron”, probably attesting to his belief that despite the emotional performances, he still had not heard enough King Turbo “quality” dubs featuring artists like Chronixx, Exco Levi, Kabaka Pyramid, Mavado, Jr. Gong,  Jah Cure, etc.

Near Round’s end, Cumtraxx was succeeding in getting back the crowd, but it was exhausting  work. They played Luciano (“Cumtraxx Sound is A Messenjah”), Frankie Paul (“Police Inna Di Dance, Worries Tonight”), Romain Virgo (on a mellow Riddim not appropriate for this time in the dance). They recovered with a nice forward for the I-Octane dub (“Cumtraxx Life Nuh Easy Like One Two Three” ), and a “Time To Shine” Laden dub who Twin Star would claim is a DJ not a singer.

Bonez can be criticized for being too polite in this Round, and for making one loose speech, stating that in life, “You haffi have at least one badman friend, one Police friend, and one “informer” friend to “bail you outta jail”. The dubs kept dropping however, Pad Anthony (“A Murder,You Shouldn’t Try Test Da Sound Ya”), Trevor Jr. (“A Sound boy Run Away”), Malibu (“Dem Cyaa Test That Sound Ya”), and Super Blacks (“All Di While You Come Inna Di Dance, Dem Gwaan Like Dem Big and Dem Broad, We A Guh Bury Dem”).  Overall, an interesting  Round for Cumtraxx, but their selections were erratic, just like their shifts in momentum, and their exit was fairly quiet, not enough noise.


Twin Star round3
Twin Star had just witnessed Cumtraxx sticking to their singing Round rules, and as promoters of the event, could’ve done the same, after all, it was they who had set these rules since Twin Star Sound were also promoters of Modern Warfare.  But Jr. D, having seen Newby’s antics, stated boldly at the before playing his first tune, “ I’m gonna play four or five vocal tunes then…”.  Oh no – it seemed like Jr. D would take the Newby “bait” and break the rules as well, despite having to set a precedence because they were promoters of the dance. Yet states Jr. D, “Newby try break di rules, yuh nah get weh wid it”.

This decision not to stick to the rules was a turning point in the clash, although Jr. D didn’t know this at the time. Nevertheless, the dubs started dropping, and we heard a Luciano & Andrew Tosh combination (“Sound Bwoy If You Wanna, Better Treat Twin Star Good, Cause I’m Like A Stepping Razor, You Better Step Outside Cause I’m Dangerous”), The Meditations (“So If You Run Down Twin Star Sound, You Will Never Catch It), and a response to a Jimmy Riley that was played earlier, a Jimmy Riley “Love & Devotion”dub (“A Sound That Promises Death & Destruction to Jump Pan”).

At this point in the set, there was an accusation of a playback tune but Twin Star fanned it off.  States Jr. D to Newby about the playback accusation. ”Newby tek your bloodclaat beating like a man and stop bloodclaat cuss…Dem Nuh Play Nuh Song Yet”.  Jr. D played Ryno (“Shot A Bus”), Sizzla (“Dem Fuckin’ Informas Got Their Eyes On Me”), the latter on the “Police In Helicopter” Riddim. A Bounty soon came directed at Rebel Tone and Cumtraxx , (“Sound Bwoy Let Me Tell you This Straight, Twin Star A Guh Kill Yuh”). It was clear by now there was this was not a singing/vocal Round from a Twin Star point of view, thanks to Newby’s tactic.

Twin Star dropped some Mavado (“Marrow A Guh Fly” / “Bawl Dem A Bawl”), some Bounty Killer (“New Gun” / You Diss Twin Star you Get Get Bullet”), I-Octane (“Some Bwoy Can’t Beat Who Dem Wah Beat”), a Luciano/Sizzla combination (“Spread A Little Love And Let you Blessings Go Down- Kill A jup Pan tonight…”), and more I- Octane, (“Send out Dem Idiot Sound Fi Dead / None a Dem Nuh Frighten Me No”). There were some light boos at Rounds’ end, a mixed response that was hard to read, some massive moving, some not.

When it came to voting for the winner of Round Three, the audience was told by the MC that because Twin Star won Rounds One and Two, that they were “safe”,  and would not be a part of the elimination voting .  This was a surprise to many, but the voting process moved on, lights on so it was easier to get an accurate count of raised hands.  I thought at this point, what if Twin Star was to be included in the voting and won… then what, would they have earned the right to walk out the dance with the trophy after winning three consecutive Rounds? Still, Round Three’s voting would only be between Rebel Tone and  Cumtraxx, and when the voting was done,  Cumtraxx got a total of six raised hands, while Rebel Tone got an enthusiastic show of hands by the entire massive inside Hickory House.

It was now 4am and it was supposed to be a 10 minute per Sound Fourth Round showdown between Twin Star and Rebel Tone before any contemplating of Tune-fi-Tune. Since the dance was running out of time, this plan was scrapped by Fabo the MC, who announced that it would now be a best of of seven tune fi tune between Rebel Tone and Twin Star.  Newby looked delighted by the change of rules, even though Twin Star seemed a bit mesmerized, having to play promoter and Sound at a crucial time of the dance.  Adding to the distraction was the fact that the Newby massive were showing their bias, and had already disrespected Twin Star by grabbing the trophy and parading it onto the dance floor before any tunes were played.



Rebel Tone went to bat first, and appeared pleased with himself that he had made it to Tune-Fi-Tune finals. Newby’s speech again centered on the fact that his competition, Twin Star, were humorously fighting to win a trophy that they had bought themselves. Stated Newby, “Twin Star, if a di first tropy that you win, and ah you buy, it it nuh look good pon you”. He followed up with his Big Youth dub played last at “Tap Out” where he walked out with the trophy (“Hit The Road Soundboy, Don’t You Come Back No More No More…The Rebel Tone Sound is A Champion Sound ).  Twin Star’s response, “You nuh see Newby run outta tune, wi nah tek nuh bad up from Newby!” Following was their Sammy Dread “Bad Bwoy a Fire M16.  Policeman a Fire AK47, but Twin Star Sound…” ). The voting was swift, Rebel Tone wins the Round and the Cumtraxx massive, pot covers and all, were now showing their support for Rebel Tone! SCORE: Rebel Tone 1 – Twin Star 0
crowd sbot


Newby used his DJ artist performance skills to criticize Twin Star about their last selection, then introduced his next big dub, a Barrington Levy/Dennis Brown/Mad Cobra combination (“Murder Dem Already We A Guh Murder Dem Again – Rebel Tone A Sound Killer”) – hardly anyone has this dub.  Stated Newby, ”Jr D, a how much sound mi kill you pon?” (Jr. D is formerly from Black Mellody and Studio Mixx, sounds that Newby has bucked up with in the past). The Rebel Tone massive is now getting hyper, and he appears to be surrounded by his massive. On the dance floor, a man can be seen parading around the Modern Warfare trophy!

Twin Star, noting that Rebel Tone gad gained Cumtraxx’s fan support, stated “A deh so it reach, Cumtraxx fans a vote for Newby now. Newby –  you can entertain all you want, a bloodclaat song a kill sound. Newby a talk out everything, di Cumtraxx crowd can’t save you!” The tune that followed featured the Abyssinian’s (“Twin Star Kill A Sound, From Far Far Away”). The fans were still hyper, a man is beating the pot cover, and there is tension near the DJ booth areas (people were just hyper). Things were under control, but the atmosphere had gotten somewhat intimidating. Voting again was swift, with Rebel Tone winning the Round.  SCORE: Rebel Tone 2 – Twin Star 0


Here’s Newby’s speech; “Mi nuh want nobody interfere with the killing. A me you a war wid. Dem seh mi look like Shebada, mi look like the man dat a fuck you baby fadda”. An Alton Ellis followed,  (“When Rebel Tone Sound Turn And Walk Through That Door”). Twin Star’s response, “Yuh come here and gimmick out the night…Mi nuh run outta song yet…a wah do Newby, hey b’woy, find song fi  play!” The tune dropped, a Gregory “One Man Against  The World” dub (“Find Dibbi  Dibbi Selection Yeah”).  The winner of this Round was Rebel Tone.  SCORE: Rebel Tone 3 – Twin Star 0

twin star tunefituneROUND FOUR: TUNE-FI-TUNE

States Newby, “Defend you life, a yuh life jacket this!”.  A Frankie Paul followed, “We Big, Bad And We Broad”. Twin Star’s response, “IF you a play dem Riddim deh, you fi play original artist!”. Following was a Hopeton James dub  (“Twin Star Don’t Care For You Sound Boy”). SCORE: Rebel Tone 3 – Twin Star 1


Newby bigs up the crowd for giving Twin Star a “sympathy win”, stating, “Unno  gee’em  da Round deh cause you wah di dance nice”.  He’s smirking, so close to victory he can’t hide the look on face. States Newby, “Gimmi mi trophy so we can go fuck wi gal and go a wi bed”. The tune that followed was a Heptones that earned him a big forward (“Rebel Tone Got The Handle Soundboy, You Got The Blade”).  The crowd had now made themselves part of the clash, and were dictating things.  States Jr. D, gaining in confidence, “We a bloodclaat sound killer, murderer, you nuh win nuttin! A pure beg, you a beg!”  Then came the Horrace Andy on the Skylarking Riddim, (”Sound killer, That’s What Twin Star Doing Today”).  Twin Star would win their second Round in the best of Seven. SCORE: Rebel Tone 3 – Twin Star 2


The massive at Modern Warfare  is loose, laughing, having fun in the final stages of this clash watching Rebel Tone and Twin Star battling it out for the trophy.  “Dem play back a song, and dem say mi play back a song.  If you win the dance cause mi play back a tune, so it guh”, stated Newby, who also referred to Twinn Star Sound as a “little download sound”. “Best thing to do is just give me the trophy…the trophy wah you buy, it nah guh look good, a you buy it, best thing you do … just gimme the trophy!”, stated Rebel Tone.  Newby was funny, but his follow up tune was somewhat anti-climatic seeing it was crunchtime. He played a John Holt (“Pick Up Your Sound And Throw It Away, Come Back To Test Rebel Tone).  Twin Star’s response, “You run outta steam now, wah da pussy know bout war? Play song, kill him inna di morning yah”! Peeazo then played the Dennis Walks “Drifter” dub (“Say The Massive Dem A Run Come Up To Hear Twin Star Kill Sound”). Twin Star would win this Round, and come back from a three to nothing deficit to tie things up.  The winner of the next Round wins the Clash, and even though some people had gone home now,  the massive still in the dance were were loving it!
SCORE: Rebel Tone 3 – Twin Star 3


States Newby, “You get three chance to come back inna di dance…look like dem plan di dance. You plan di dance three months. Mek wi dun dem and guh a wi yaad….” Newby almost blew it here by playing the wrong tune but he pulled it up quick. When the tune came, it was an Al Campbell, (“It’s Hard To Kill A Champion Sound Like Rebel Tone”), which seemed to get solid support from the massive, now axious to hear what Twin Star would respond with in this final showdown.  Jr. D’s final speech – “Any b’woy who chat so much must suck pussy, come in and try trick the people dem. A one a fi yuh gyal bus fi you secret, press play”. Twin Star had responded with a Silvertones (“Soundboy Rise With a Girl Sitting On His Face”) – not the dub the massive expected to hear, and one that was not of anthem quality for Twin Star. The tune got a few boos, and it was clear by a 25-4 show of hands, that indeed, despite a good comeback, the winner of Modern Warfare 2014 was Rebel Tone Sound. Congratulations Newby, you’ve done it again!

newby-trophy.14 144



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