See Hot Pics and Review from Wanted – Rootsman vs Steppa Choice 07.26.14

wanted_07.26.14 071Congratulations to Rootsman, winners of the Wanted 2014 Soundclash @ SVG Lounge (07.26.14) featuring Rootsman vs Step A Choice. I will say that despite underdogs Step A Choice gave it their all, they were simply not in the same class as Rootsman on this night. I have often criticized Ranger (Rootsman MC) for his old skool, uptight style of clashing, where he’s lacked showmanship and a sense of humor while performing. The case was not the same on this night, where fans witnessed a new and improved MC performance that saw an poised and confident Ranger in his element.

wanted_07.26.14 063
By night’s end, Steppa Choice won one Round and Rootsman four, but honestly, I can’t recall seeing the one Steppa Choice victory round happen – the constant theme for the night featured Rootsman toying with Step-a-Choice like a cat torturing a mouse before it killing it.

There was also another clash going on that some may not have noticed-each sound had brought their ‘own’ audio system.  Step A Choice is a sound that I give props to because they don’t just juggle dubs but they own a sound system and are quite agressive in running it as a business. Rootsman, it appeared, does not own their own sound-audio system, or they would have used it on this night. As an alternative,  rented Military’s sound system, including owner Alan Lad who was touching buttons and adjusting equalization with almost every tune Rootsman played that night.  Personally, I felt that both audio systems could have used improvement, and at some time the music was blaring so loud it was deafening. Word had it (from a Rootsman fan) that Steppa Choice had brought about eighteen boxes in the place, where as Military had achieved a superior sound  quality in the place with only eight, !

wanted_07.26.14 013
Wanted had some interesting moments, but the one most memorable to me featured Rootsman playing a dub by Canadian artist Spyda, who earned a nice forward for a long playing dub highlighting some of the history of Toronto’s 30-year Sound System industry where he named many of the sounds who have played a part. Finally, I must say, even though it was Rootsman all night, the audience was unbiased, and if Step A Choice had deserved it, they would’ve earned the trophy as nuff people were hoping for an upset or at least a closely matched event that could go tune-fi-tune.

wanted_07.26.14 033
Big up both Sounds, as well as the promotion (Skully-Mello Vibes), which was solid. I can’t say for a fact, but judging from the audience (nuff soundmen in the crowd), this clash may have actually made a profit for the promoter – a rarity in our Canadian Soundclash scene! Most importantly, despite hte walkover factor, the majority of people in attendance left satisfied and had a good time.  Big up Lisa West on the Pics – the place got sticky and moist in the late hours which was not enjoyed by our camera, but we trod through same way. Check the audio on DHR.

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