See Hot Pics! Beenie Man & Lil Rick @ Kool Huas 05.17.14

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touchdown630The Kool Haus was well attended for BYB-and the massive there had a good time from start to finish, taking in the likes of none other than the King of Dancehall-Beenie Man, alongside the very popular Soca artist Lil Rick, in concert on the same stage, same night.  Although I’ve never attended a Soca concert before, I will say after first impression, that Lil Rick is an artist truly in his element. Full of energy, Lil Rick delivered a great show from start to finish, performing hit after hit, and engaging his audience with creative and stylistic dancing while making room for women participants to compete on the stage similar to styles seen the night before at Luxy. Again, Lil Rick cannot be criticized for his performance, he gave it his all, and the majority of the audience seemed to really enjoy his show.
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Beenie Man was also interesting to see in concert. Unlike Lil Rick, I’ve seen Beenie Man perhaps too many times, because I’m I’m really to be honest in my critique, I’ll have to say that his show was no more than mediocre. Beenie performed his classics, yet he appeared tired, delivering a laid back show that lacked energy and effort like the show previously delivered by Lil Rick.  Perhaps Beenie Man is getting old right before our eyes, 22 years in the business truly makes him an elder, despite how young he appears and how timeless and ageless his music has been able to sustain.

Beenie announced that this was his 49th leg of his ‘Greatest Man Alive’ tour, and he bigged up Buju Banton for being an elder in the business, as well as Bounty Killer, paying him tribute by saying “I don’t have to like you to respect you”.  Beenie’s theme for the night was “If you don’t know shit, then don’t say shit”.  He congratulated himself for still being relevant after 22 years in the business, as some other artists career’s have gone “right down the drain”. Big up the promoters for delivering a good concert, and I’m sure next year thing will get even sweeter.

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