See Hot Pics from Dubs Haffi Nice @ Chroma 11.22.14

See Hot Pics from Dubs Haffi Nice at Chroma inside Guvernment 11.22.14 featuring Mighty Crown, LP International, King Turbo and Rebel Tone alongside four surprise international artists performing live inna dub plate style including Mad Cobra (for King Turbo), Snow and Ugly Man (for Rebel Tone), Carleton Livingston (for LP Intl) and Josey Wales (for Mighty Crown). Big up Madcast Fuji on the pics at this pivotal all-dub plate Ron Nelson Production event – I like, and all of the hard working staff and crew who helped this event run smooth right from start to finish!

Big up all the Sounds and Artistes for making this event what it was and giving it their all, and big up the fans for turning out early, fighting through traffic, paying $20 for parking, and $40 for a ticket, and enduring through a long but exciting six hour event. On behalf of myself and our sponsors and participants, we say thank you to the 700-plus fans who attended because if it wasn’t for them, Toronto wouldn’t have the vibrant sound clash culture that it does.

Over the next few days I’ll be adding to this article, new videos and a proper review (audio to come later, at this point I’m trying to sell the audio master to any vendors who would like first crack at would like to release a CD of the event before I post the full version online – contact if interested in purchasing).  There are a ton of video clips of this event, just visit YouTube and type Dubs Haffi Nice into the search engine and you can recapture many aspects of this event.  A full Dubs Haffi Nice DVD Video has also been produced, scheduled to be released in the near future.

There’s so much to say about Dubs Haffi Nice, who came out winners, who did not…which sounds took it and which did not, which artists reigned supreme, and which ones flopped.  And what about that speech from Ninja of Mighty Crown that still rings in the ears of every soundman and fan who attended or participated that night?  And of course, there was the re-uniting of Ricky Turbo with the rest of King Turbo!  Enjoy the pics, and look forward to next year being even bigger and better!


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