See Hot Pics & Review from Pangea Summer Love Urban Beach Festival @ Wasaga Beach 09.06.15

This was a decent party – the Pangea Summer Love Urban Beach Festival, taking place Labor Day Long Weekend Sunday September 6th (12 Noon – 11:30 pm) at Wasaga Beach featuring as advertised, two Stages, four genres of music, and a whole bunch of DJ’s and Promoters working together to create a cool party vibe.

Overall, Pangea was not a bad experience for me, something different and new to end off the summer.  It takes a lot of energy to go to Wasaga Beach, but I felt this event calling me in part because I haven’t visited Wasaga since my High School days.  I drove there with my crew (Lisa West and Empress J), and by time the three of us got it all together, we managed to arrive there with only an hour or so of sunlight remaining, a bit of a disappointment considering the girls had plans to hit the beach and get some sun on.

Pangea I thought would have been held on the beach itself, with waterfront as the background. This was not the case, basically it was identical to the Redemption Reggae Music Festival where the stage(s) and seating were set up in the giant parking lot area turned stadium, neatly caged off with barricades, fencing and tarp.  The beach was less than sixty seconds walking from the exits of this same venue.  Beach goers in the area had no choice but to be enticed, curious and captivated by the great urban music pumping from two stages inside the caged off fencing, so if they wanted to see or be part of the party, they would have to pay to get inside.

IMG_2639_crowdshot630 Once inside, there was a large beer-food tent, with two separate stages and audience sharing the same space. It was cool being able to walk from one party to the other and hearing the music pumping out of the loudspeakers blend from Electronic Dance Music (EDM) to Reggae-Soca-Hip Hop that we’re used to hearing.  I am guessing that between the two parties, there may have been over 2,000 young and energetic people in attendance, and by the nights end, there were few complaints if any from those who paid for a ticket.  The MC’s worked the mics, and the DJ’s (plenty of them) kept the crowd entertained properly in typical DJ Whitebwoy party tradition. People got a bit of everything not to mention being able to chill on a clean beach on a beautiful hot and sunny day.

At the end of the day, Pangea can be called a moderate success.  I say moderate because I suspect that this party, despite its good turnout, may have been put together somewhat hastily. Next year, when the promoters do it again, they will do it better, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see live performance being an integral part of the attraction, a ‘big draw’ to entice more people to take that 1hr+ drive up to Wasaga. $40 admit was also a bit steep and free parking at Wasaga was switched to the Toronto tradition, $10 to park!

When all was said and done, I had a good time at Wasaga, although I must confess that I spent the majority of it outside chilling on the beach (where I could hear the music just fine) and even taking in a spectacular fireworks display near the event’s closing.  I didn’t go to Wasaga to be caged up and it was a beautiful day to be outside walking barefoot in the sand and touching base with nature. I can only take so much of DJ-only entertainment (12 hrs straight is crazy!), but mix it up with some credible local and/or international Reggae and Soca artists to perform live and you’ll find me right there where the action is. Overall, a good event, well organized and executed.  Looking forward to next year!


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