See Hot Pics, Review and Videos! Lady Saw live @ Redemption 05.08.15

Redemption was another success inside the Sound Academy last Friday May 8th.  A full house turned out to party and experience live performances by General Degree, QQ, and headliner Lady Saw, who did one of her better shows in Toronto without a live band backing her (I did not arrive on time to see QQ, and event though I saw the tail part of General Degree’s show, I did not photograph his performance).



Lady Saw is a veteran when it comes to performance, and she would prove it on this night.  Dressed in a sexy white frock and barefoot, she moved confidently on the stage while going through some of the more popular selections from her library of hits.  Her show, aimed mostly at the ladies, was highlighted by funny sexual jokes and satire, and a segment where she chose a rather shy and well behaved male volunteer who couldn’t seem to handle Lady Saw’s antics and who was even booed by the crowd for not being aggressive enough to follow Saw’s instructions for him to ‘slap’ her couchie which she instructed him to not once, twice, but three times!  In defence of the brethren’, there was some talk by Lady Saw that she had ‘taken it easy’ on him because he may have been married with his woman in attendance keeping a close eye.  She made the audience laugh when she noted that despite his ‘good’ behavior, she could still fill something hard when she was straddling him.


Lady Saw, after performing for about 45 minutes, returned for her encore a bit late, but those who remained inside Redemption and kept their front row spots were nicely surprised when Lady Saw, after performing her “Selfie” hit song, basically threw herself in the crowd and posed for selfies while signing autographs.  Lady Saw still kept the live mic in her hands, but at that point there was no need for any more performance, the DJ’s would take over the party from there on in. Big up the Redemption Crew for another great show, and a special big up to the second security guy that let me in the dugout to take pics despite me not having a back stage pass.

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