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Here are the pics that I took at IREMEMBER featuring Luciano ‘Messenjah’ and Jesse Royal at the Opera House last Saturday.  I missed Jesse’s performance due to my radio show on 100.7 CHIN-FM (10 PM – Midnight), but, managed to get there in time to snap some photos of Luci.  I took some pictures from the balcony upstairs as well as front of house.

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I must say, Luciano really gives it his all when performing.  I’m sure, given the choice, he would choose the stage over the studio – he loves to entertain.  Luci worked the packed house and then some – he even threw in a few cartwheels and flips.  This show was enjoyed by all and happened to fall on the 83rd Anniversary of the Coronation of Emperor Haile Selassie I – I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate!  Luciano made himself available to the fans and media alike after the show and was a pleasure to deal with.  Luci, Big Up yourself!  I know I told you this in-person, but, I’ll reiterate it again – I’ve seen many Jamaican artistes perform, but, you exceed them all – you love to perform and most of all, you have fun doing it!  Enjoy the pics!  Congratulations to the promoters on a successful show – it was great!

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