Hot Pics – Reggae Cafe @ The Guvernment 03.15.13

Reggae Cafe 03.15.13 129
Reggae Cafe was a nice party – the people in attendance like their Reggae and love to dance too!  Older Reggae seemed to be the flavour of the night.  It was a sold out gig and it marked Mighty Crown’s second Toronto appearance since they touched down on Canadian soil earlier that day.  It seemed as if Sami T. and Ninja Crown weren’t 100 % there – Ninja struggled to read the crowd.  In the end, he was saved by one of the promoters/soundmen who advised him on what to play in his musical set.  Whatever he suggested, it worked – Ninja went into a ‘zone’ that resembled a 45 DJ.

This night wasn’t all about Mighty Crown as far as the Reggae Cafe crowd was concerned, they just wanted to hear wicked tunes – it didn’t matter who was playing.  Mighty Crown soon figured this out and just kept playing 45’s with a few dubs thrown in for good measure – the crowd kept dancing and only a few ‘dubplate’ fans camouflaged in the dark may have been disappointed.  When all was said and done, Reggae Cafe was a good party.  Mighty Crown was ‘on’ the runway, but, never took off – they tried to capture the essence of the audience, but, just couldn’t make it work.

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