Hot Pics – Reggae Cafe @ The Guvernment featuring Tommy Lee 10.19.12

See Hot Pics from Reggae Cafe @ The Guvernment featuring a pass through by Jamaica’s latest sensation – Tommy Lee.  This dance was lively.  As soon as I got there, I noticed that the packed house was grooving to the oldies – a “Redemption” vibe was in the air, but, that’s how Reggae Cafe likes it.  I managed to snap some pics of Tommy, but, the best ones were a result of  him posing with the very sexy Nikki Hype.

Tommy’s performance was really short.  Infact, the crowd had no idea he was even going to be there.  When he stepped to the mic, most audience members didn’t recognize him let alone his material.  He got the Canadian artist treatment and quickly excused himself from the stage after surveying the crowd and their lack of enthusiasm.  Such was NOT the case the following night at On Da Rox.  It was a late late night for me, but, well worth it – I had fun!  Enjoy the pics!

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