Hot Pics – Stone Love @ Surface Nightclub (The Guvernment) 03.30.13

G-Fuss has travelled all over the world to represent the Stone Love Sound and tonight, he would be playing for the massive at Surface Nightclub (The Guvernment).  Once arriving, it was just a matter of studying the crowd and making the necessary musical adjustments to please them.  G-Fuss played two thirty minute sets showcasing Top 40 Reggae hits to please the young ladies in the crowd.  In my opinion, the focus wasn’t on Stone Love per se, as half of the crowd was into Hip-hop and the other half, Reggae.  The majority of them were feeling nice (drink & smoke), so, anything went (tune wise) on this night.  I refrained from taking too many pics as I didn’t want to interfere in their moment – getting their ‘wine’ on in a special spot in the club where ‘extreme’ grinding was allowed.  Everyone is entitled to their privacy.  It was a good night just to hang back, appreciate the musical vibes and people watch.  Big Up Stone Love Movements – Selector G-Fuss!

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