See Hot Pics — Supercat and Kiprich at Sound Academy 07.18.14

Supercat_SoundAcdemy_07.18.14 122The Redemption Past vs Present Supercat concert was very much anticipated, and in the end I’m glad I went. It seemed so long ago that I interviewed this very same artist is the basements of CKLN Radio, a time when this artist was more or less in his prime. The Supercat that we saw at Sound Academy was a much more laid back Supercat. A bit older now, and seemingly nothing to prove, Supercat, after taking the stage near 1:30 am, proceeded to deliver show that in the end was quite average. Backed by his Caution Band, Supercat, in a fast moving show, performed many of his classics while slipping in a few lesser known tunes. He more or less kept a straight face during the majority of his performance (smiled maybe once or twice), and delivered the odd wine and kick in the air while sailing through his show.

Supercat_SoundAcdemy_07.18.14 117

Supercat was not happy with the sound monitors on stage, and kept threatening (in a teasing manner) between songs that he “should leave the stage” because of his inability to hear himself properly while performing. It seemed strictly business for the Don Dada, and despite a packed crowd of over 2,000 people inside the Academy, seemed at times anxious, miserable or bored (just wanting it to be over), failing to relax, joke, or just talk to the fans who had paid top dollar to see him perform.

Supercat_SoundAcdemy_07.18.14 098

The end was also not good for the Cat, who left he stage prematurely without climaxing during a less than 1 hour set. At this point, The MC traditionally takes to stage and calls the artist back for an encore, but when the MC did this, Supercat, unprofessionally, was nowhere to found and would not return to the stage, marking an anti-climatic concert night conclusion. I recall hearing the MC, a bit embarrassed, stating over the mic to Supercat, “we pay you brethren”, referring to their feeling and the suspicion of many fans present that somehow Supercat had short changed them, and they were right. Talking to fans as they left the venue, many were in agreement that because of these antics, they averaged the show out to be a 5/10 – not great rating for the Cat. Oh well.

Supercat_SoundAcdemy_07.18.14 129

Supercat_SoundAcdemy_07.18.14 013

And big up Kip Rich, sad thing is that he was not properly introduced so nobody knew who he was until he performed his “Telephone thing Mash Up Mi Life” tune. I’m not sure if Kip Rich was even previously advertised, as is the usual tradition at Redemption. Not a bad overall performance for Kip Rich, an experience newer-generation dancehall sing-jay who needs to come back and headline his own show for his own crowd. He was somewhat of a mismatch for Supercat and the Rub a Dub fans who more or less tolerated the Kip Rich performance despite it being hi-energy and appropriate for the dancehalls. Big up Kiprich same way, and big up the promoters, good show – well executed.

Supercat_SoundAcdemy_07.18.14 010

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