Friday Night ReggaeMania Radio Show Podcast 09.13.13

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I enjoyed this Sound System Fridays show featuring special guests (in order of appearance) Extacy Sound (Fadda Morris), Hallow Point and Cumtraxx.  All three Sounds will be partaking in the ‘Rising Stars’ Sound clash that happens at Hickory House Friday, September 20, 2013 with yours truly hosting and Extacy Sound doing the early juggling.  This will be the first official clash that Hallow Point will be competing at and Cumtraxx is standing strong – ready to ‘roll’ over everyone and everything.  The night would prove to be interesting.  Sounds who are going to ‘war’ don’t usually meet on common ground to exercise playing dubs before clashing it out.  Make no mistake, Sound System Fridays is the night to introduce the listening and viewing massive to your Sound, to show ’em what you got – let them know which Sound have chunes!  Sounds that were ‘tuned’ in got an early feel for what’s to come next Friday.

Big Up Extacy Sound, I’ve haven’t heard Fadda Morris play in years!  He had no problem holding tings down for his portion of the broadcast.  Fadda Morris dropped some nice dubs and even called out a few Sound names.  While playing admirably, Fadda Morris did not talk the mic and had no mic man present.  His set was smoof – well programmed and presented.  He gets a passing grade from me, but, in true Sound clash fashion, I rate the real thing – a Sound that combines the ‘best’ of in speech alongside ‘classic’ dubs.  See you down the road Fadda Morris!

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Big Up Dino, Hype Ras and Gary!  Hallow Point Sound is new and this upcoming clash will mark their first foray in the clash arena.  I was excited to see them perform and hear what they had to say and play (dub wise).  I had seen Dino in clash action before and I remember being extremely impressed with what I saw – his performance.  Playing alongside Cumtraxx one week before the big event was probably the best thing for Hallow Point.

Other than dropping a few good dubs, Hallow Point’s performance was substandard.  To begin with, there was no chemistry between MC Hype Ras and Dino – clearly, the two of them were in completely different worlds and on the MCing front, Hype Ras had nothing to say.  I also saw no ‘killer’ instinct in them, unlike Cumtraxx, who had speeches galore and had no problem going after Hallow Point during their set.  Later on in the show, I gave each Sound an additional six minutes to play and Hallow Point did nothing with that time.

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To their defense, Hallow Point management was in the house and claimed that this was part of their game plan and that the massive would see their true ‘clash’ colours come clash time – ‘Rising Stars’ Sound clash – Friday, September 20, 2013 at Hickory House.

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Last but not least, Cumtraxx.  I like this Sound, I’m just not fond of their name.  This Sound has great chemistry and all of their members are ripe – each of them know their place and how to execute their roles within the Sound.  Their confidence was oozing out all over the place all night long – they dropped loads of dubs and had heaps o’ speeches.  It was clear to Cumtraxx Sound that the ‘clash’ had already started and that this opportunity was not to be wasted.

Nuff jokes – laughter ensued!  Cumtraxx were so excited, they just couldn’t hide it – they were ready to ‘kill’ anything and everything, including me – LOL!  Giving them an additional six minutes to play before the end of the show was the icing on the cake – they brought it hard and thensome!  This was the closest thing to a real clash that we’ve seen on Sound System Fridays and despite it being a walkover, I enjoyed it!  The loud conversations emanating from the hallways outside of the studio were a testament to the fact that, come clash time, for better or worse, tonight’s antics would be remembered.  Big Up Cumtraxx Sound for bringing the vibes!  Enjoy the Podcast!

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