Terminal DG releases “Glasses Dark” Music Video – Madd!

It’s all about people having fun, no need to promote crime.  Bad man dem a ‘ave fun and a good time, but, jus’ don’t cross the line”.

Terminal DGs – “Glasses Dark” music video was officially released today.  Not only is this one of the best songs out there on the Duffle Bag Riddim, but, it was one of the first songs on the riddim.  It carries an entity of its own – ‘everything dark’!   When asked how he came up with the concept for the song, Terminal DG states – “In Jamaica mi wear nuff glasses (shades), my friends there are always asking for them ‘cause dem sey – all a’mi glasses daark!”.

The music video was primarily filmed in Mandeville, Kingston (JA), but, features a few Toronto shots too.  It was shot and produced by Chillaa (Son of Terminal DG & President of SoSeriuz Films).  The video captures camaraderie at its best – friends young and old, dancing, singing and just having fun whilst wearing shades.  For those who expected this video to be “dark”, states Terminal DG, “It’s all about people having fun, no need to promote crime.  Bad man dem a ‘ave fun and a good time, but, jus’ don’t cross the line”.

Not only does the video showcase great footage from Yaad, but, it also spotlights local Mandeville artistes such as Boom Boom, Quick Cook, Labba Labba, Shelly Belly and Jermaine Squad.  Terminal DG continues to deliver songs that are current and relevant to the time.

“…Glasses Dark has stood the test of time…”

Terminal DG used his street connections to link up with Skatta Burrell from DownSound – the man who created the Duffle Bag Riddim.  One of the first songs on the Riddim, “Glasses Dark” has stood the test of time – eight month’s later, it still receives regular airplay on Toronto radio stations CHRY, CHIN-FM and Jamaica’s Irie FM.

Another endorsement for Terminal DG came from Jamaica’s DJ Kenny – inspired by the ‘glasses dark’ movement, he recently entitled his latest Mix Tape – “Everything Dark” ( http://itapez.com/2012/11/26/dj-kenny-everything-darkkk-dancehall-mix-nov-2012/ ).

As Terminal DG prepares for his performance at Sting 2012, his management team remains busy.  Their objective – to have the “Glasses Dark” video featured on all of the major Jamaican TV Stations.  We wish Terminal DG ‘good luck’ come December 26th.  As for the video, if luck is part of skill – then your ting sell off!  Enjoy the video!

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