Hot Pics – Tommy Lee & Madd Squad @ Reggae On Da Rox 10.20.12

Check these Pics from Reggae On Da Rox @ On Da Rox Nightclub (Steeles & Dufferin) 10.20.12.  This party was LIVE from start to finish with a completely different crowd than from the night before at The Guvernment – most of whom didn’t seem to buy into the ‘Tommy Lee’ hype.  This night was different, most of the crowd knew who there were there to see and adding to the hype before Lee took the stage, was an excellent performance by DJ Froggy (Madd Squad) who was a literal one-man destruction team from start to finish on the CD 1′s and 2′s.  He didn’t smile much, but he had the crowd in his hands – everything he said and did worked, much to the delight of the bashment ladies in the audience who couldn’t get enough of him aurally and orally.  Quick Cook was a no show – no work permit, same for DJ Kenny.

Tommy Lee performed well this night, a total ‘turn around’ from his three minute performance last night at The Guvernment where he seemed to suffer from stage fright.  This show was packed!  The crowd was there to see Tommy Lee and they knew his material and sang the lyrics outLOUD! – it made all the difference in the world as far as Tommy’s confidence was concerned.  He probably stayed on stage a bit longer than he planned to because he was received so well – the excited ladies in the front row couldn’t stop grabbing his trousers and below the belt.  LOL!  It’s rare to catch Tommy Lee smiling, but on this night, a few emerged for the cameras and videos to capture.  Good show Tommy!

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