The Reggaemania Top 10 Reggae music chart focuses on top songs that have become popular hits songs.

Top 10 Reggae Chart September 2013

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In the scope of things, "Gimme Likkle One Drop" is not a new release - the video was released April 28, 2013 and the song was released December 28, 2013.  Kudos to Tarrus Riley for creating an International hit!  A seasoned performer, he recently opened for Beres Hammond at the Toronto Redemption Reggae Festival to a Sold Out crowd. On our homepage, we have a 'Beat The Champ' pole - two artistes and their chune go head to head, whoever [...]

Top 10 Reggae Chart April 2013

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There seems to be no stopping Chronixx as he takes the bull by the horns.  This month's chart features four of his songs - unprecedented in chart history!  This artist is making the traditionally more experienced artistes seem pale in comparison.  In last month's chart, we saw Chronixx in the top position with his hit "Behind Curtain", this month, it fell to the number two spot - knocked down by his latest "Odd Ras", which is one of the hottest [...]

Top 10 Reggae Chart March 2013

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Big Up Chronixx - he tops this month's Top 10 Reggae Chart and has two other songs that are steadily climbing up the chart too!  He's the 'next one' according to the scene DJs and Sound Systems and why not?, we could use a 'saviour' right about now. NEW ON CHART Postition - Artist - Song 02. Chronixx - Odd Ras 04. Maxi Preist - Easy To Love 05. Gyptian - Tell You This 06. Anthony B. - [...]

Top 10 Reggae Chart February 2013

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Our Top 10 Reggae Chart champ this month is Jah Cure with "That Girl" - a repeat chart holder.  Behind him is Chronixx with "They Don't Know" (currently, my favourite Reggae song) - jus' one of three choice chunes from Chronixx.  He's taking the world by storm! In at number three, we welcome back - Courtney John with "Born To Fly" - a song with a wicked dub mix.  Squeezing into number four is Chronixx's popular "Behind Curtain" tune and [...]

Top 10 Reggae Chart January 2013

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Busy Signal's "Reggae Music Again" is knocked down to the number two position by Jah Cure's "That Girl" - a beautiful song that I personally love so much. Beres Hammond's "Dancing Beauty" (riding the same riddim as "Reggae Music Again") slips down the chart to number five, but, his "In My Arms" chune (noiceee) moved up to occupy the fourth spot.  Another Hammond also rose up the chart - moving from position ten to number seven in Lenn Hammond's "Love [...]

Top 10 Reggae Chart December 2012

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Busy Signal is a singjay, not a singer, yet again, he tops our Top 10 Reggae Chart this month, even beating out Mr. Beresford Hammond himself ("Dancing Beauty") who now had to settle for the number three spot behind Busy and Christopher Martin ("What Can I Do Without A Woman").  So big up to Busy Signal, who only a week ago made headline news when he was released from a US prison after spending roughly six months there -  we [...]

Top 5 Reggae Chart November 2012

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Busy Signal may be incarcerated, but his music still moves.  His single, "Reggae Music Again" reached the #1 spot on our Top 5 Reggae Chart for the month of November.  This is a great song - it shows a different side of Busy and it also happens to coincide with Jamaica 50 Celebrations.  In the number two spot, sharing the same riddim, we have Beres Hammond with "Dancing Beauty" - a classic!  "Affairs of the Heart" moves down the chart [...]