Friday Night ReggaeMania Radio Show Podcast 04.05.13

FNR_04.05.13-081I gotta admit, I didn’t know much about VIP Sound prior to their debut on ReggaeManiaRadio – Sound System Fridays.  I remember, it was around 9:15 PM or so and I had my back turned to the door of the studio as I was playing the ‘early warm’ set.  Suddenly, my instinct told me to turn around – once I did, I saw the whole VIP crew standing there (with Killa wearing a bandana over his face) – it was an impressive moment!  After some introductions and handshakes, it was straight to Serato – LOL.

Big Up VIP Sound out of Malton – delivering one of the better Sound System Fridays shows that we’ve seen in some time!  This Sound came fully prepared – attitude ‘n all (from the onset, they seemed to put themselves in ‘Sound clash’ mode).  They played hi-impact clash chunes that allowed one to see and hear that the Sound had ‘belly’ and were ready to take on any comers inside the clash arena (they called out Outcast Sound).  As their trophy states, ‘Kill R Be Killed’!

VIP is a young but humble Sound that was started in 1994 by Father Kevin (Owner), who has now stepped back to allow MC Killa and DJ Spika to be at the forefront and run the Sound.  An excellent choice as these two perform and play in perfect synchronicity – a tight delivery that sees all big tunes introduced with precision timing and proper speech.  That’s what I rate about a Sound, their ability to execute that well.

Big Up to the artistes who performed – Anthony YNot (Singer) and N’zye (Singjay)!  N’zye, big up yuhself!  You’re going to go far in this business!  Anthony, what can I say, your performance speaks for itself!  Big Up Mr. YNot, yuh dun dem with lyrics!  Also, Big Ups to Starla (Manager) and Ryan Ismael (Photographer)!

VIP brought ‘real’ vibes in to the studio.  They get a Big Up for being the first Sound to think about the marketing and promo aspect of their appearance on Sound System Fridays by bringing their own photographer with them to the show AND for being the first Sound to bring their ‘clash’ trophy to the broadcast – it helped solidify the ‘clash’ spirit in the air!  It made for some classic and memorable moments.  VIP Sound is a young Sound, yes, but they are confident and possess the right attitude to surge forward in this business – a force to be reckoned with!  Enjoy the podcast!  What a party!


P.S. You can now find these Podcasts on iTunes – Just type ‘ReggaeMania Radio’ into their search bar.

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