Friday Night ReggaeMania Radio Show Podcast 04.19.13

Lion-Heart-Sound-2013-080Big Up Lion Heart Sound for reppin’ on Sound System Fridays!  I had seen them compete at GTA CUP CLASH April 15th so I knew what they were capable of.  Once they arrived, Hamma (DJ) set up and went straight to work, or should I say play – LOL!  For the first forty-five minutes or so, Hamma went solo, dropping big chunes and dubs.  He really loves his music, it’s evident in his performance – he moves to his riddims, speaking of…he is one of the few DJs that remains loyal to the craft of DJing – he uses CD’s instead of Serato (world leading software for digital DJing).

As good as he was, I much preferred hearing Lion Heart Sound once Alfire (MC) joined the mix.  He has an aggressive MC stylee, but, it’s controlled – if that makes any sense.  He knows how to bring it and when.  Alfire knew he wasn’t in a Sound clash, but, at times he was not afraid to put out Sound clash vibes.  He’s a versatile MC – ready for ‘clash’ vibes at any time, or comfortable jus’ juggling for the ladies.  Lion Heart Sound is a Champion Sound hailing from Scarborough, only ten years young, they’ve already made a dent in the Dancehall Scene.  With them, ‘almost’ anything goes when it comes to dropping sweet Reggae music and crucial dubs.  One thing I would advise Lion Heart Sound to do, is to invest in a Sound FX Sampler – it can go a long way when it comes to filling in the gaps and it’ll create total chaos inside the studio and out.

Lion-Heart-Sound-2013-065Big Ups also go out to Gregory Culture – one of the featured guest artistes (who is also a top promoter) of the night who showed us his skills on the mic – making all the ol’ skool MCs feel good about themselves!  He is ol’ skool, so, to some, his style may seem outdated, but, his delivery is bang on, his lyrical creativity is genius and his live performance was flawless, not to mention entertaining.  Big Up Mally Bless (dressed in blue with the shades on), he had lyrics galore and showed signs of becoming a great MC of the future!  Last but not least, Big Ups to Elijah and Bones who performed as well!  All of these artistes left the listening and viewing audience wanting more.  Get your fix, download the podcast and/or view the show on Ustream.  Enjoy!  Next up on Sound System Fridays, Rosa and Rufus of Soul 2 Soul Sound.


P.S. You can now find these Podcasts on iTunes – Just type ‘ReggaeMania Radio’ into their search bar.

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