Friday Night ReggaeMania Radio Show Podcast 06.21.13

FNR_06.21.13_Lexus-Supreme-In playoff games, they say that the team that makes the “best adjustments” wins.  Lexus Supreme has a history of transitioning through time – meaning they are constantly changing the framework of their sound with the hopes of finding that perfect the sound in hopes of finding that perfect match.  Today, as a new crop of young Sounds infiltrate the Toronto dancehall scene, Lexus Supreme (origin of birth – Jamaica, proudly reppin’ Canada since 2002) suddenly find themselves in the same league as Toronto’s veteran Sounds – how time flies, it seems like it was only yesterday that we saw Lexus making their mark in Toronto for some of the ‘earliest’ Ron Nelson Productions clashes.

The Sound System Fridays listeners and viewers were treated to a superior version of Lexus Supreme featuring MC/DJ Bling, MC/DJ Dyce Locke and MC/DJ Alex Frass – newest member (members Mark and Stubs were absent) – three different MC’s/DJ’s steppin’ up to the plate – this was an interesting concept and a first on Sound System Fridays!  I didn’t realise that Bling played the Sound (he looked totally comfortable) as well as managing it.

FNR_06.21.13_Lexus Supreme 012

Dyce Locke was riveting – he doesn’t even have to try, he’s a natural!  No shouting and screaming or having to put on a ‘mean’ face when chatting badness – making what’s ‘hard’ appear ‘easy’.  He is feisty, offensive and rude, yet, he’s entertaining.  I noticed that he was having the most fun.  Dyce was recruited from King Turbo a few years ago and is a great fit for Lexus Supreme and their solid dub arsenal.  It’s amazing how knowledgeable and comfortable he’s become with the Lexus Supreme movement and their dub box in the last two years.

There’s one more point to be made about Lexus Supreme.  Big Up Bling for ‘setting up’ the house of Lexus Supreme with his latest venture – ‘power teams’, a move designed to make them ‘compete’ – a force to be reckoned with!  There’s a lot of competition out there, let me explain…first, our own PollyFamous (formerly King Klepto) gets drafted by LP International (USA), then Toronto selector Frazah C-Lection officially joins Madd Squad (USA), Diamond, who plays with Stone Love (JA), lives in Toronto, Blaxz Dun Da Place is now playing for Super Gold Sound, Kirk (Riddla) plays with Exodus Nuclear outta Hamilton, King Sharpe (formerly Desert Storm) was drafted by King Turbo, DJ D’Eazy (Lexus Superior) has switched to Super Fresh and the list goes on.
FNR_06.21.13_Lexus28Now, meet Alex Frass, formerly of Jamaica’s Swatch International, and the latest member of Lexus Supreme.  I’ve not heard Alex play Lexus before, but, it was a treat watching this man take control of his new Sound.  Alex, just like Dyce Locke, is a natural on the mic and behind the controls.  Adding him was a good look for Lexus.  Alex definitely adds a spark to the Sound and has a great sense of humour.  He’s smooth and very articulate when it comes to speeches and he possesses a ‘big’ Sound attitude.  His vibe, to me added ‘outernational’ to Lexus Supreme’s performance – you need to listen/watch for yourself.  Overall, Lexus Supreme played like a big Sound!  The vibe was nice from the beginning ’til the end – it was like being in a dance nuff niceness!  Big Up artistes Shaka Lexus and Mucky B!  Enjoy the Podcast!  Next week’s guest Sound…Supa Bass!

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