King Addies Handed Global Clash Title After Supreme Walks Out of Tune Fi Tune

Congratulations to King Addies! – winner of Global Clash 12.08.12 (Brooklyn, NY) – featuring Heavy Hammer (Italy) vs. Soul Supreme (USA) vs. King Klepto (Canada) vs. Madd Squad (Jamaica) vs. Risky Dise (Japan) vs. King Addies (USA) and hosted by Bobby Konders from Hot 97 FM. also congratulates our own King Klepto who was the final sound to be eliminated before ‘tune fi tune’.

In the ‘tune fi tune’ finals (King Addies vs. Soul Supreme), Soul Supreme jumped ahead for a 2 – 0 lead, but, Addies came back winning the next three rounds (Addies 3 – Soul Supreme 2).  Soul Supreme won the next round to tie things up 3 – 3.  Addies then took a 4 – 3 lead and that’s when Soul Supreme ‘defaulted’ (upset with the scoring – feeling that they had been ‘robbed’ three rounds in a row) and walked out of the clash.  The title and trophy went to King Addies.

As for Canada’s King Klepto, we were not there, but, peep some of the comments that were left on Irish & Chin’s website.  Garfield Bourne aka Chin gave Polly a rave review.  Here’s an excerpt from his post dated Monday December 10th on

“Having a strong MC can be a very valuable asset in a sound clash.  At times, it’s the only factor that aids a competing  sound armed with limited dubs.  This fact held true for Canada’s King Klepto at Global Clash.

It’s quite possible that Klepto’s MC, Polly Famous is within the top 3 best young MCs in North America.  “Di yute baddd!”  His speeches hit hard and he has No fear of his opponents.

Polly did not bring home the gold on Saturday, nevertheless, he brought home a large fan base.  In fact, he stood strong among all the other MCs on the event and out-classed them ALL night.

He stands as a major value to his team.  His talents easily cover up the fact that King Klepto’s dub box may be very limited.

Polly’s style is similar to that of Panther’s.  He keeps you entertained by his facial expressions and speeches.

He’s good at commanding attention from his audience and knows how to weaken the impact of his contenders’, musically.

The only reason why King Klepto lost this recent clash is because they seem to have ran out of dubs.  Big up Polly for a job well done!”

Read Irish and Chin’s awesome review of King Klepto’s performance at Global Clash 2012

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