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On Tuesday, June 27th, Barrington Rose AKA Barry Culture, left the earth and went to a better place.  R.I.P Barry Culture.  Big up Moose Don and Pancho, selectors of the Barry Culture Sound who looked up to B.C. as a mentor, father and very dear friend.  The Barry Culture viewing is Thursday July 6th between 4 and 8pm at 28 Old Kingston Rd., Ajax.  There is a 9 night at 14 Holden Coourt in Whitby directly after. The funeral will be on Friday July 7th @ 11am at  550 Kingston Rd (Rivaltine Tabernacle Church). The Reception is going to take place at 55 Nugget Ave in Scarborough.

Canada celebrated its 150th Birthday on the July 1st holiday Long Weekend, so there were lots’s of things happening in the ‘Six’.


On Saturday July 1st at Whitehaus, Spice and Pamputae were live in concert with Gary Chucks on the 1’s and 2’s.  The show was presented by African Star & Original Trensetta, and had weak to moderate attendance.

Princess Promo presented the Stonelove 150 Canada Celebration inside Toronto Plaza Hotel Saturday July 1st but the event was very poorly attended.

Sanchez & De Baron was promised for Saturday July 1st at the re-located to the Queen Elizabeth Theatre on the CNE Grounds.  De Baron did show, but Sanchez did perform.  The Boat Cruise that was supposed to feature both Artists featured neither.

The YOWRONTO Music Festival at Woodbine Mall (Outdoor) is a FreshKut Entertainment Presentation that took place on Saturday July 1st and Sunday July 2nd.  Featured artists Saturday included Cham, Professor Nuts, Alison Hinds, Romain Virgo, Ammoye (Canada), Michie Mee (Canada) and more.  Romain Virgo (backed by a live band) was the show stealer on this night, he did a wicked performance for the fans. The Sunday show featured Lt. Stitchie, Tassanne Chin, Alison Hinds, Eric Donaldson, Blessed, Tasha T., and more.  The Sunday event fell behind schedule due to the rain that fell earlier and headline shows had to be cut short or cut completely during prime time.   Good crowds (in the thousands) turned out both days for this show – seems like the promoters pulled it off and should be back next year!

The Canada Day Music Festival took place in Wild Water Kingdom in Brampton Saturday July 1st and Sunday July 2nd (2 PM – Midnight).  Jr. Reid, Anthony Malvo and Jahvinchi were some of Saturday’s headline artists, while the Sunday promised Josey Wales and Cocoa-Tea.  Cocoa Tea made it Toronto, but did not go on stage to the disappointment of the Brampton audience.  There is speculation that it was a money issue why Cocoa-Tea did not perform.

On Sunday July 2nd ReggaeMania’s own DJ Ron Nelson performed as MC and DJ at a Nathan’s Phillip’s Square (downtown Toronto) ‘Roots of the Six’ event that featured headliners The Dirty B-Sides, Maestro Fresh Wes, Michie Mee and Dream Warriors.  Drake made a surprise appearance on the same stage later that night.

Jamaica’s DeMarco and Tifa performed live at the Phoenix (downtown) for Reggae Revolt on Saturday July 15th.  The event was poorly attended, but both artists still performed their live shows.  Spex Da Boss, advertised on the flyer, was a no show.  Demarco is a great studio artists with nuff hit songs, but his drawing power has always been an issue. 


The official Irish & Chin World Clash (2017) is coming to Canada!! Yes it’s true – look for it Saturday October 14th at a venue in Toronto, soon to be announced.  Usually World Clash is held during the US Thanksgiving Weekend in Amazu (New York), but speculation for the move to Canada comes partly as a result of low attendance in the US for last year’s World Clash and this year’s US Rumble, the fact that there are two local Toronto Sounds on the line up (King Turbo

[defending champs] and King Attarney), the fact that Irish and Chin are re-branding this year’s World Clash to accommodate younger new-generation Sounds not sporting the popularity of giant Sounds used in the past the likes of Bass Odyssey, Blackat, and even Mighty Crown – and the fact that Irish and Chin does have some history here successfully promoting in the Canadian markets initially with Ron Nelson Productions and most recently with Jill (Soundclash.com) who helped pulled off a successful Canadian Rumble Road To World Clash a few months back.

As a result of World Clash coming to Canada on October 14th, Ron Nelson Productions then moved the date for the Fully Loaded Canadian Sounclash Championships from October 21st [one week after World Clash] to September 30th.  A new venue comes along with the new date, soon to be announced.  By moving the date to September 30th, the two prime events are separated by two weeks, allowing people to budget to support both.

Juggle Ugly is a X-Loaded promotion happening in Toronto on Sunday October 15th – the day after World Clash in Toronto.  The pre-flyer for the non-clash juggling event advertises United Kingdom World Clash contestant Platinum Cartel on the bill, plus LP International, X-Loaded, Rebel Tone, Step A Choice, and Empire Sound.

Saturday July 8th, Night 2 of Fully Loaded 2017 @ White Haus featured 10 Sounds clashing for $1,000 cash, a Night 2 Winner Trophy, and the right to advance to the Fully Loaded Championship Finals in September.  Sounds featured included Black Lion, Kat Attack, Killa Instinct, King Vower, Noble Works, Royalty, Tap Shatta, Zone Warrior, Silver Bullet, and No Limit Intl.  Previous to the night, Insurgency (Vancouver) pulled out along with Typhoon, both due to health reasons, which is why Silver Bullet and No Limit Intl. were inserted into the clash.  The event was won by Noble Works, who defeated Royalty (2nd) in a 7-song Tune-fi-Tune knockout final round, despite Royalty having led the event based on points awarded by judges).  Black Lion was third, so them as well as Royalty and Noble Works now join Outlaw, Don Rankin, and Turbalance in the September Fully Loaded Canadian Sounclash Championship Finals on Saturday September 30th.

A Dubplate Showoff series is going on at Sankofa Restaurant on Eglinton.  Despite a very small venue size, sounds clashing it out on Saturday July 15th  (Part 2) included Blackstar, Klymaxx, Cumtraxx, Royalty, Heavyweight, and Nebula (Ottawa).  Congratulations to Cumtraxx for coming out on top.  The clash had some good moments as Heavyweight (came out a bit bullyish) and Cumtraxx (held their ground) both tried to kill each other with customized dubs.  FYI – the mics man for Heavweight is MC Bonez – formerly with Cumtraxx!  This dispute may have to be re-settled in the future. 

The Nowhere to Run Sound Clash also took place Saturday July 15th inside 40 Hanlan Rd., and featured Killa Assasin, King Shiloh, and Zone Warrior.  Not too many people in attendance, but the win went to Killa Assassin.

JULY 21st: Beres Hammond plays Massey Hall, Friday, July 21, 2017 8:00PM

Saturday July 22nd is Part 3 of Fully Loaded 2017 Sound clash Preliminaries at Whitehaus.  Just a few days before the event, Buffalo’s Desert Eagle Sound withdrew from Fully Loaded (expired passport issues) and was replaced by a Sound to be named the next day.  The July 22nd featured line up includes Diplomat, Greenz Connection, Jani (Vancouver), Killa Assassin, Laza Force, Majestic Vybz, Sniper, V.I.P, Xixgon Intl. and a 10th Sound.  At the night’s conclusion, the 10th finalist ‘wildcard’ Sound (based on points earned) joining the other 9 finalists will also be announced.


Artist Newz

Bounty Killer announces that as of June 12th 2017 (his birthday), the cost his Dub Plates will be minimum $500 U.S. per dub.  Rumor has it that Vybz Kartel, even though incarcerated, is currently charging $3,000 per Dub, while Supercat is also rumoured to be asking $3,000 U.S. per Dub. 

Kranium performed at Nugget Banquet Hall.  Another late start time (after 2:30 am) and a decent show although Kranium didn’t like it.  He kept complaining about the lack of vibes due to having to work with a replacement make shift band after his own band was not there backing him. Close to 600 people were in attendance.

Alkaline, Mavado and Jahmiel confirmed for August 19th outdoors at Woodbine Mall by Rodeo Promo and The Agency Group Inc.

Festival & Concert Newz

Thursday June 15th sees The Wailers performing live at the Phoenix Concert Theatre (Toronto) with special guests The Human Rights Band.

June 23 – June 24: TD IRIE FEST Mississauga (1PM to 11PM) –  (Free) @  Mississauga Celebration Square.  Featuring Jamaica’s Da’Ville, Aaron “Voice” St. Louis , Moses Revolution, and Blessed.

Sound Clash Newz

Saturday June 10th: Current (2016) World Clash Champions King Turbo vs King Adies in NYC at Tropical Paradise Grand Ballroom, Brooklyn.  The ReggaeMania.com and L3 Magazine and ReggaeTownRadio crews will be representing.  King Turbo got slaughtered in this clash – and I was there to experience it.  Didn’t get to wave our flags even once.  A clean sweep for Adies.

Saturday June 24th: Fully Loaded Night One took place @ White Haus Nightclub (Mississauga), Saturday June 24th, featuring 9 Sounds clashing – Don Rankin, X-Loaded, Webzites, Outlaw, Military, Turbalance, Hallow Point, Sound Elete and Supreme Genes (Lady Killa was supposed to be the 10th Sound but pulled out the Monday prior).  This was a ‘jackpot’ clash – congratulations to Baltimore’s OUTLAW Sound, who took hom $1,000 cash as winners of Night One.  They, along with Don Rankin (Tune-fi-tune finalist) and Turbalance (placed 3rd), became the first three Sounds (of 10) to advance to the October 21st finals also to be held at White Haus.

In early June LP International had their anniversary party in New York and despite it being’s Puma’s Birthday and having celebrities the likes of Bus Da Rhymes and in attendance, the event failed to attract more than 100 people or so, which did not look good inside a large venue.  Ricky Trooper was advertised on the bill but did not show, and Canada’s Polly Famous was not in attendance.

On Friday June 30th, Tony Matterhorn played at Classic Lounge for Stars in All White.  The event had an okay turnout with the usual late crowd and the vibes were so-so due to the sound system not sounding right at Classic.  On a brighter side, Tony Matterhorn did impress some of the Island people in the venue when he went ‘out of his box’ and played Spanish and Soca music to the delight of the massive.

Technology Newz

Every DJ today is familiar with the popular Serato software primarily used to play music from their personal Laptops.  A lot of us consumers out there use popular Apps like Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play, to play our music from our smart phones and  Tablets;  we can listen to anything we want instantly just by typing the name of the song in the search window.  Well now, because of a new App called Pulselocker, DJ’s will have that same “Spotify” feature programmed to work with thier Serato (and similar) Software.  Dj’s will now have at their mercy, a library of about 20,000,000 songs that they can play virtually (via streaming) or from files that are downloaded to their computers.   The service is not free, but fairly priced at about U.S. $10 monthly, the same cost to users now pay to have Apps like Spotify and Apple Music on their phones.  There is a U.S. $20 monthly subscription fee for users who want the ability virtually download their playlists enabling them to play and perform music without the need for a wi-fi-connection.



Artist Newz

Legendary Jamaican singer Paul Blake aka Frankie Paul, blind from birth, passed away due to kidney health complications on May 18th – 2017.  Born in 1965, Paul had been a patient at the University of the West Indies Hospital in Jamaica since April 2017, and was ill for an extended period of time. 

Mavado performs for 40,000 people in Gambia (Africa) the same place where Frankie Paul (RIP) lived in the 90’s.  He was also given several acres of land as a gift from the Gambian government.

Busy Signal gets back his US visa.  Years ago, he was arrested and spent a short time incarcerated in the US after turning himself in for outstanding charges.  He is now free again to tour the US and already has some dates in store.

Fallout between Vybz Kartel featuring Shenseea over the popular hit song Loodie.  In a strange move, Vybz Kartel stated that he didn’t give Shenseea permission to use the song, then he re-released it with her part excluded.

Jamaica sing-jay Ishawna released the controversial Equal Rights and the song takes the Internet by storm.  The song promotes to a delicate and homophobic Jamaican community, the taboo topic of a woman’s desire to receive oral sex, and the hypocrisy from the men who like to receive, but not give.  Did you know – Khago has sinced released “Sit In My Place”, a video and song that may be tarnishing his career based on the response from the dancehall fraternity.  Khago was a Rasta, he cut off his lox and start to bleach, now him a come out a sing bout freak.

Dexta Dap releases his controversial erotic music video Bring It To The Owner, also featuring Canada’s own Lady Ice.  The video exposed body parts that may have put it in the category of soft-porn, but in the end, the men loved Lady Ice and the women loved Dexta Dap.  The Video may have set new standards for what is now acceptable in the Dancehall from a music video viewpoint.  Jamaica’s Kolado tried to follow this erotic music video trend the following week with his own racy video of Sexcited, but that flopped.  “Bring It To The Owner” was also controversial because it may have crossed a fine line between promoting gun violence and promoting reality.  

Jamaica’s hottest dancehall artist Popcaan performs to a sold out crowd inside Rebel Nightclub 05.19.17. Jamaica’s Masicka was at WhiteHaus this same night, but despite the popularity of his new hit song Infared (featuring Vybz Kartel), the crowd was small after a weak promotion.  Papa San performs in Toronto at Revivaltime Tabernacle Church Saturday May 27th.

Sound Clash Newz

Younghawk defeats Sniper Sound at the Park The Hearse Clash 05.27.17.

King Pin from King Adies receives a ‘kunk’ from Puma of LP International. The story goes like this — the two Sounds were playing at a juggling event in Germany, when Kin Pin could be heard jeering and antagonizing while LP who were trying to address the crowd on the mic.  The highlight of it all was when King Pin said to Puma, ‘mi nuh like you’, after which Puma responded by ‘kunking’ him with the same mic he was using to address the crowd.  A short scuffle happened afterwards with no serious injuries.  Ironically, nobody is blaming Puma for kunking King Pin, and incident with a video (with very clear audio) that may have gone viral.  King Pin could have waited for his turn to play if he had something to say on the mic.

The Japanese Sound Yaadbeat, defeats Bass Odyssey in Jamaica’s Boom All-Star Sound Clash (May 11/17), a play-off styled clash tournament originally featuring 8 Clash Sounds (Bass Odyssey, Rebel Tone (Canada), Renaissance, Yard Beat, Venom, Twin Star (Canada-Blax Dun Da Place), Ruff Cut (Canada), and Code Red). Big up Canada’s Rebel Tone, who lost to Yaadbeat in the semi-finals and had to settle for a 3rd place finish.

In late May, Tall Boy, the Ras from Canada’s Soul Vibes Sound, passed away. RIP Tall Boy. 

News breaks from Moose Don (Barry Culture Sound)’s social media that ‘father’ Barry Culture is not doing well.  Our prayers are with ‘Barry Culture’.  On Tuesday, June 27th, Barrington Rose AKA Barry Culture, left the earth and went to a better place.  R.I.P Barry Culture.  Big up Moose Don and Pancho, selectors of the Barry Culture Sound who looked up to B.C. as a mentor, father and very dear friend.  The Barry Culture viewing is Thursday July 6th between 4 and 8pm at 28 Old Kingston Rd., Ajax.  There is a 9 night at 14 Holden Coourt in Whitby directly after. The funeral will be on Friday July 7th @ 11am at  550 Kingston Rd (Rivaltine Tabernacle Church). The Reception is going to take place at 55 Nugget Ave in Scarborough.

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