Listen/Download Fully Loaded Night 03 Sound Clash Audio [07.22.17 @ Whitehaus] & See Hot Pics

If you missed Night 03 of Fully Loaded (The Preliminaries)- you missed one of the most interesting and entertaining clashes of the year.  10 Sounds clashed inside Whitehaus Nightclub on Saturday July 22nd.  This would be the final of three preliminary nights where after 30 Sounds have clashed, a remaining four of the night’s ten would earn their spot in an upcoming Fully Loaded finals where winners earn $2,500 cash, the Trophy, and the Fully Loaded 2017 Title.  On this final preliminary night however,  the winner would take home the trophy plus a cool $1,000.

Fully Loaded Preliminaries Night 3: Saturday July 22nd @ Whitehaus would feature Diplomat, Greenz Connection, Jani, Killa Assassin, Laza Force, Majestic Vybz, Sniper, V.I.P, Xixgon Intl., and Twin Starr (replacement killers for Desert Eagle). The big news before Fully Loaded was the withdrawal of Buffalo’s Desert Eagle Sound, and installment of their replacement – Twinn Star.  Twinn Star were the ones responsible for sponsoring Vancouver’s Jani Sound in Fully Loaded, and it was a surprising move on their part which could prove fatal to their student Sound Jani. 

Aside from that, everything else was in check.  Killa Assassin was on a clash winning streak, and the secret was out that Xixgon had flown in their selector from Trinidad for the clash.  Everyone Sound was pumped up and ready for the war, and the success of the previous two nights had built up the momentum for the July 22nd night where even the experts were admitting that picking a winner for the clash would be a difficult call.

Enjoy the Audio of Fully Loaded Nigh 03 as well as the pics.  The Fully Loaded Night o1 and Night 03 Video will soon be posted on our YouTube channel.  Don’t miss Night 04 – The Fully Loaded 2017 Canadian Sound Clash Championships inside Topaz Entertainment Centre on Saturday, September 30th.

Ron Nelson
Pics by Ron Nelson
Audio Recorded by Fatkat Ent. | Edited and Mastered by Ron Nelson

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