Rodney Price a.k.a. Bounty Killer changes name to Jesus Price – What a Controversy!

“Silver bullet, holy water, the holy bible wi a walk wid, the holy cross… the beginning of wisdom is the purging of blood, killer wa happen to them, Kiprich wa wi seh…no antichrist, no demon, no witchcraft,” – “War Fi God (Kill Di Devil)” – (Bounty, Kiprich + Kalado)

Bounty Killer (who’s declared war on all things ‘devil’, i.e. the music of  Tommy Lee) recently (unofficially) changed his name from Rodney Price to ‘Jesus Price’! You can hear Bounty Killer referring to himself as ‘Jesus Price’ on his Tommy Lee diss track – “Nyammy Lee” (he’s also referred to Tommy as ‘Tommy Flee’). Let’s review some of the lyrics…”Jesus Price pounce upon the demon, a dem tink seh a three man but a me man…bury demon dem dun dead” and “Don’t worry, Jesus Price deh yah doh, so the little children should come to me…”

Another example of Bounty referring to himself as ‘Jesus Price’ comes from his twitter feed.  His response to Tommy Lee after Lee’s video for “Goat Head” (Bounty Killer Diss) premiered – “GrungGaadZilla a.k.a Jesus Price is officially the Dancehall G.O.A.T the Greatest of All Time…”. Lol!

My question to Bounty Killer is…You’ve ‘unofficially’ changed your name to ‘Jesus Price’ and you continue to rage war with Tommy Lee (over his lyrical content – “freak”, “devil”, “demon”) releasing your own tracks, dissing him, yet, you’ve creatively spliced, diced, re-sampled and re-invented for yourself – the title of “God” (Bounty is also known as the “Grung Gaad”) and now “Jesus”!  Does that not make Bounty “guilty” of sacrilege?

Let’s really take a look at what’s happening here.  Bounty, one of Dancehall’s premiere artistes, is fighting tooth and nail for the Dancehall music and culture.  He said,…”yow every man know a me say youths fi run the place, but nuh come chat nuh f**kry bout freak and devil or demon…when since u can just come inna Dancehall and a bring een demon ppl freely so? how long we have we Dancehall nice and pure”…yet, he himself has thrived and profited from metaphorically taking and re-inventing for himself, the names “killer”, “Jesus” and “God”. For the most part – the brainwashing has worked – Bounty has cunningly gotten away with incorporating the concept into his own brand. There is only one God I worship and it ain’t Bounty.

Since when is it okay to put a “killer” on the same level as God? By calling himself a “God”, isn’t Bounty, just like Tommy Lee, “guilty” of straying the garrisons away from Godliness? I mean, what’s next, dancehall artists engaged in warfare, changing their names to infamous dictators, serial killers and murderers in order to justify their actions? Imagine, one day we have artists named “Hitlerman” or crews named “The Clifford Olson Posse!” Bounty compares his crew to Jack the Ripper in the tune – “War Fi God (Kill Di Devil)”.  Where do we draw the line?

I’m not buying into Bounty’s argument.  Number one, claiming the ‘Sparta’ concept has ties to homosexuality and number two, he’s bringing ‘demon’ people into the Dancehall Scene. Tommy’s lyrics are just that – his own!  He is free to write about whatever he wants.  Listening to his music won’t make me join the ‘dark’ side. Lol! Aside  from “Uncle Demon” – title wise, I can’t come up with any other example(s) of true ‘demonic’ lyrics. If you’re reading this and beg to differ, please comment below and show me what you’ve got – lyric wise.  Make me eat my words!

Taking it a step further, what gives Bounty Killer the right to judge Tommy Lee, when he himself has stepped over the edge?  He was in court to answer charges of unlawfully wounding after being accused of beating his 19-year-old girlfriend with a hammer and a mosquito swatter. Who do you think is walking a fine line – Bounty ‘Jesus’ Price or Tommy ‘Uncle Demon’ Lee? lol!

Personally, I think Tommy Lee has every right to defend himself and I applaud him for doing so.  I only hope, for his sake, that he puts this ‘devil’ business to rest because Bounty Killer is NOT a person to mess with – history has proven this. As the self proclaimed ‘guardian’ of Dancehall, Bounty has every right to fight the good fight, but, how come he never sat down with Tommy, one on one and voiced his concerns about his lyrical content?  Think about it…the “Warlord” just went straight to war! Tommy Lee is not a practicing satanist, at least not that i know of.

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